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pdftron::PDF::TimestampingConfiguration Class Reference

#include <TimestampingConfiguration.h>

Public Member Functions

 TimestampingConfiguration (const TimestampingConfiguration &other)
TimestampingConfigurationoperator= (const TimestampingConfiguration &other)
 ~TimestampingConfiguration ()
void Destroy ()
 TimestampingConfiguration (const UString &in_url)
void SetTimestampAuthorityServerURL (const UString &in_url)
void SetTimestampAuthorityServerUsername (const UString &in_username)
void SetTimestampAuthorityServerPassword (const UString &in_password)
void SetUseNonce (bool in_use_nonce)
TimestampingResult TestConfiguration (const pdftron::PDF::VerificationOptions &in_opts) const
 TimestampingConfiguration (TRN_TimestampingConfiguration impl)

Public Attributes

TRN_TimestampingConfiguration m_impl

Detailed Description

A class representing a set of options for timestamping a document.

Definition at line 21 of file TimestampingConfiguration.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::PDF::TimestampingConfiguration::TimestampingConfiguration ( const TimestampingConfiguration other)
pdftron::PDF::TimestampingConfiguration::~TimestampingConfiguration ( )
pdftron::PDF::TimestampingConfiguration::TimestampingConfiguration ( const UString in_url)


in_url– a string representing a URL of a timestamp authority (TSA) to use during timestamping
pdftron::PDF::TimestampingConfiguration::TimestampingConfiguration ( TRN_TimestampingConfiguration  impl)

Member Function Documentation

void pdftron::PDF::TimestampingConfiguration::Destroy ( )
TimestampingConfiguration& pdftron::PDF::TimestampingConfiguration::operator= ( const TimestampingConfiguration other)
void pdftron::PDF::TimestampingConfiguration::SetTimestampAuthorityServerPassword ( const UString in_password)

Setter for a password to use during timestamping.

in_password– a string representing a password.
void pdftron::PDF::TimestampingConfiguration::SetTimestampAuthorityServerURL ( const UString in_url)

Setter to change the timestamp authority (TSA) URL to use during timestamping.

in_url– a string representing a URL of a timestamp authority.
void pdftron::PDF::TimestampingConfiguration::SetTimestampAuthorityServerUsername ( const UString in_username)

Setter for a username to use during timestamping.

in_username– a string representing a username.
void pdftron::PDF::TimestampingConfiguration::SetUseNonce ( bool  in_use_nonce)

Setter for whether to use a nonce (unique random number) during timestamping. This is on by default, and should be on whenever a timestamp authority supports it, because it helps prevent replay attacks.

in_use_nonce– a boolean value representing whether or not to use a nonce
TimestampingResult pdftron::PDF::TimestampingConfiguration::TestConfiguration ( const pdftron::PDF::VerificationOptions in_opts) const

Tests a timestamping configuration for usability and reports any failures. This function does not throw on many common failures, unlike the real signing, thereby allowing early diagnosis of things like connectivity issues with timestamp authorities.

in_opts– a set of verification options to try to use
A result object containing information about the status of the configuration test and any errors that occurred during it.

Member Data Documentation

TRN_TimestampingConfiguration pdftron::PDF::TimestampingConfiguration::m_impl

Definition at line 87 of file TimestampingConfiguration.h.

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