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pdftron::PDF::TimestampingResult Class Reference

#include <TimestampingResult.h>

Public Member Functions

 TimestampingResult (const TimestampingResult &other)
TimestampingResultoperator= (const TimestampingResult &other)
 ~TimestampingResult ()
void Destroy ()
bool GetStatus () const
UString GetString () const
bool HasResponseVerificationResult () const
EmbeddedTimestampVerificationResult GetResponseVerificationResult () const
std::vector< UCharGetData () const
 TimestampingResult (TRN_TimestampingResult impl)

Public Attributes

TRN_TimestampingResult m_impl

Detailed Description

A class representing the result of testing a timestamping configuration.

Definition at line 21 of file TimestampingResult.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::PDF::TimestampingResult::TimestampingResult ( const TimestampingResult other)
pdftron::PDF::TimestampingResult::~TimestampingResult ( )
pdftron::PDF::TimestampingResult::TimestampingResult ( TRN_TimestampingResult  impl)

Member Function Documentation

void pdftron::PDF::TimestampingResult::Destroy ( )
std::vector<UChar> pdftron::PDF::TimestampingResult::GetData ( ) const

If GetStatus gives true, returns the data from the completed timestamping operation, otherwise throws. If this result was returned from TimestampOnNextSave, then this data is the timestamp token. However, if this result was returned from GenerateContentsWithEmbeddedTimestamp, then this data is the main document CMS signature of the DigitalSignatureField but with a newly-added embedded timestamp (unsigned signature-time-stamp attribute as specified in PAdES and PDF 2.0).

the data representing the result of the timestamping operation, if GetStatus gives true
EmbeddedTimestampVerificationResult pdftron::PDF::TimestampingResult::GetResponseVerificationResult ( ) const

If a timestamp response was successfully retrieved from a timestamp authority, returns the result of verifying it. If a timestamp response was not received, throws. One should call HasResponseVerificationResult first to see if a detailed result is available before calling this function.

a timestamp response verification result
bool pdftron::PDF::TimestampingResult::GetStatus ( ) const

Retrieves the overall status of the timestamping configuration testing operation.

a boolean value representing the status.
UString pdftron::PDF::TimestampingResult::GetString ( ) const

Retrieves a result message regarding the timestamping configuration testing operation.

a string result message.
Output may change in future versions.
bool pdftron::PDF::TimestampingResult::HasResponseVerificationResult ( ) const

Returns whether a timestamp response verification result is available. This means that false will be returned when a timestamp response was not received or was empty (e.g. network failures, improper server configuration, bad URL, etc.). This function should be called to check for the availability of a verification result before actually attempting to retrieve one using GetResponseVerificationResult (which throws if a result is not available).

whether a timestamp response verification result is available
TimestampingResult& pdftron::PDF::TimestampingResult::operator= ( const TimestampingResult other)

Member Data Documentation

TRN_TimestampingResult pdftron::PDF::TimestampingResult::m_impl

Definition at line 87 of file TimestampingResult.h.

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