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pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonWidget Class Reference

#include <RadioButtonWidget.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonWidget:

Public Member Functions

 RadioButtonWidget (SDF::Obj d=0)
 RadioButtonWidget (const Annot &annot)
RadioButtonGroup GetGroup ()
void EnableButton ()
bool IsEnabled ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from pdftron::PDF::Annots::Widget
 Widget (SDF::Obj d=0)
 Widget (const Annot &ann)
Field GetField () const
HighlightingMode GetHighlightingMode () const
void SetHighlightingMode (HighlightingMode mode=e_invert)
Action GetAction () const
void SetAction (const Action &action)
int GetBorderColorCompNum () const
ColorPt GetBorderColor () const
void SetBorderColor (const ColorPt &col, int compnum)
int GetBackgroundColorCompNum () const
ColorPt GetBackgroundColor () const
void SetBackgroundColor (const ColorPt &c, int compnum)
UString GetStaticCaptionText () const
void SetStaticCaptionText (const UString &contents)
UString GetRolloverCaptionText () const
void SetRolloverCaptionText (const UString &contents)
UString GetMouseDownCaptionText () const
void SetMouseDownCaptionText (const UString &contents)
SDF::Obj GetStaticIcon () const
void SetStaticIcon (SDF::Obj icon)
SDF::Obj GetRolloverIcon () const
void SetRolloverIcon (SDF::Obj icon)
SDF::Obj GetMouseDownIcon () const
void SetMouseDownIcon (SDF::Obj icon)
IconCaptionRelation GetIconCaptionRelation () const
void SetIconCaptionRelation (IconCaptionRelation icr)
ScaleCondition GetScaleCondition () const
void SetScaleCondition (ScaleCondition sd)
ScaleType GetScaleType () const
void SetScaleType (ScaleType st)
double GetHIconLeftOver () const
void SetHIconLeftOver (double hl)
double GetVIconLeftOver () const
void SetVIconLeftOver (double vl)
bool GetFitFull () const
void SetFitFull (bool ff)
ColorPt GetTextColor ()
int GetTextColorCompNum ()
void SetTextColor (const ColorPt &color, int col_comp)
double GetFontSize () const
void SetFontSize (double font_size)
Font GetFont () const
void SetFont (const Font &font)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pdftron::PDF::Annot
 Annot (SDF::Obj d=0)
 Annot (const Annot &d)
Annotoperator= (const Annot &d)
bool operator== (const Annot &d)
bool IsValid () const
SDF::Obj GetSDFObj () const
Type GetType () const
Rect GetRect () const
Rect GetVisibleContentBox () const
bool IsMarkup () const
void SetRect (const Rect &pos)
Page GetPage () const
void SetPage (const Page &page)
SDF::Obj GetUniqueID () const
void SetUniqueID (const char *id, int id_buf_sz=0)
Date GetDate () const
void SetDate (const Date &date)
bool GetFlag (Flag flag) const
void SetFlag (Flag flag, bool value)
SDF::Obj GetTriggerAction (Annot::ActionTriggerEvent trigger)
BorderStyle GetBorderStyle () const
void SetBorderStyle (const BorderStyle &bs, bool oldStyleOnly=false)
SDF::Obj GetAppearance (AnnotationState annot_state=e_normal, const char *app_state=0)
void SetAppearance (SDF::Obj app_stream, AnnotationState annot_state=e_normal, const char *app_state=0)
void RemoveAppearance (AnnotationState annot_state=e_normal, const char *app_state=0)
void Flatten (class Page page)
const char * GetActiveAppearanceState () const
void SetActiveAppearanceState (const char *astate)
ColorPt GetColorAsRGB () const
ColorPt GetColorAsCMYK () const
ColorPt GetColorAsGray () const
int GetColorCompNum () const
void SetColor (const ColorPt &col, int numcomp=3)
int GetStructParent () const
void SetStructParent (const int parkeyval)
SDF::Obj GetOptionalContent () const
void SetOptionalContent (SDF::Obj content)
void SetContents (const UString &contents)
UString GetContents () const
int GetRotation () const
void SetRotation (int angle)
void RefreshAppearance ()
void RefreshAppearance (const RefreshOptions &options)
UString GetCustomData (const UString &key) const
void SetCustomData (const UString &key, const UString &value)
void DeleteCustomData (const UString &key)
void Resize (const Rect &newrect)
ptrdiff_t GetHandleInternal ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from pdftron::PDF::Annots::Widget
enum  HighlightingMode {
  e_none, e_invert, e_outline, e_push,
enum  IconCaptionRelation {
  e_NoIcon, e_NoCaption, e_CBelowI, e_CAboveI,
  e_CRightILeft, e_CLeftIRight, e_COverlayI
enum  ScaleCondition { e_Always, e_WhenBigger, e_WhenSmaller, e_Never }
enum  ScaleType { e_Anamorphic, e_Proportional }
- Public Types inherited from pdftron::PDF::Annot
enum  Type {
  e_Text, e_Link, e_FreeText, e_Line,
  e_Square, e_Circle, e_Polygon, e_Polyline,
  e_Highlight, e_Underline, e_Squiggly, e_StrikeOut,
  e_Stamp, e_Caret, e_Ink, e_Popup,
  e_FileAttachment, e_Sound, e_Movie, e_Widget,
  e_Screen, e_PrinterMark, e_TrapNet, e_Watermark,
  e_3D, e_Redact, e_Projection, e_RichMedia,
enum  Flag {
  e_invisible, e_hidden, e_print, e_no_zoom,
  e_no_rotate, e_no_view, e_read_only, e_locked,
  e_toggle_no_view, e_locked_contents
enum  ActionTriggerEvent {
  e_action_trigger_activate = 0, e_action_trigger_annot_enter = 1, e_action_trigger_annot_exit = 2, e_action_trigger_annot_down = 3,
  e_action_trigger_annot_up = 4, e_action_trigger_annot_focus = 5, e_action_trigger_annot_blur = 6, e_action_trigger_annot_page_open = 7,
  e_action_trigger_annot_page_close = 8, e_action_trigger_annot_page_visible = 9, e_action_trigger_annot_page_invisible = 10
enum  AnnotationState { e_normal, e_rollover, e_down }
typedef pdftron::PDF::BorderStyle BorderStyle
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from pdftron::PDF::Annots::Widget
static Widget Create (SDF::SDFDoc &doc, const Rect &pos, Field field)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from pdftron::PDF::Annot
static Annot Create (SDF::SDFDoc &doc, Type type, const Rect &pos)
static AnnotCreateInternal (ptrdiff_t impl)

Detailed Description

An object representing a Radio Button used in a PDF Form.

Definition at line 19 of file RadioButtonWidget.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonWidget::RadioButtonWidget ( SDF::Obj  d = 0)

Creates a Radio Button Widget annotation and initialize it using given Cos/SDF object.

Note: The constructor does not copy any data, but is instead the logical equivalent of a type cast.

dthe object to use to initialize the Radio Button Widget
pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonWidget::RadioButtonWidget ( const Annot annot)

Creates a Radio Button Widget annotation and initialize it using given annotation object.

Note: The constructor does not copy any data, but is instead the logical equivalent of a type cast.

annotThe annotation to use.

Member Function Documentation

void pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonWidget::EnableButton ( )

Enable the current radio button. Note that this may disable other Radio Buttons in the same group.

RadioButtonGroup pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonWidget::GetGroup ( )

Gets the group to which the current button is connected.

The group containing this Radio Button.
bool pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonWidget::IsEnabled ( )

Determines whether this button is enabled.

A boolean value indicating whether the Radio Button is enabled.

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