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pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonGroup Class Reference

#include <RadioButtonGroup.h>

Public Member Functions

 RadioButtonGroup (const Field &field)
RadioButtonWidget Add (const Rect &pos, const char *onstate="")
UInt32 GetNumButtons ()
RadioButtonWidget GetButton (UInt32 index)
Field GetField () const
void AddGroupButtonsToPage (Page page)
 RadioButtonGroup (const RadioButtonGroup &group)
RadioButtonGroupoperator= (const RadioButtonGroup &c)
 RadioButtonGroup (TRN_RadioButtonGroup impl)
 ~RadioButtonGroup ()

Static Public Member Functions

static RadioButtonGroup Create (PDFDoc &doc, const UString &field_name="")

Detailed Description

An object representing a Group of Radio Buttons that can be used to create new Radio Buttons. If a group contains multiple buttons they will be connected.

Definition at line 19 of file RadioButtonGroup.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonGroup::RadioButtonGroup ( const Field field)

Creates a RadioButtonGroup and initialize it using given Field object.

Note: The constructor does not copy any data, but is instead the logical equivalent of a type cast.

fieldThe field with which to initialize the RadioButtonGroup
pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonGroup::RadioButtonGroup ( const RadioButtonGroup group)
pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonGroup::RadioButtonGroup ( TRN_RadioButtonGroup  impl)
pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonGroup::~RadioButtonGroup ( )

Member Function Documentation

RadioButtonWidget pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonGroup::Add ( const Rect pos,
const char *  onstate = "" 

Adds a new RadioButtonWidget to the RadioButtonGroup

posA rectangle specifying the annotation's bounds, specified in user space coordinates.
onstateThe onstate for this button. This will rarely need to be explicitly set. However, it can be used to allow multiple radiobuttons in a group to be on at once if they have the same onstate.
A newly created default RadioButtonWidget.
void pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonGroup::AddGroupButtonsToPage ( Page  page)

Add all group buttons to the page

pageThe page in which to add the buttons.
static RadioButtonGroup pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonGroup::Create ( PDFDoc doc,
const UString field_name = "" 

Creates a new RadioButtonGroup in the specified document.

docThe document in which the RadioButtonGroup is created.
field_nameThe name of the field to create and use in this RadioButtonGroup.
A newly created RadioButtonGroup.
RadioButtonWidget pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonGroup::GetButton ( UInt32  index)

Retrieves the button at a given index.

indexThe index to use.
The RadioButtonWidget at the given index
Field pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonGroup::GetField ( ) const

Gets the field associated with this RadioButtonGroup

The Field associated with this RadioButtonGroup
UInt32 pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonGroup::GetNumButtons ( )

Gets the number of buttons in this RadioButtonGroup

The number of buttons in this RadioButtonGroup
RadioButtonGroup& pdftron::PDF::Annots::RadioButtonGroup::operator= ( const RadioButtonGroup c)

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