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pdftron::Crypto::X501DistinguishedName Class Reference

#include <X501DistinguishedName.h>

Public Member Functions

 X501DistinguishedName (const X501DistinguishedName &other)
X501DistinguishedNameoperator= (const X501DistinguishedName &other)
 ~X501DistinguishedName ()
void Destroy ()
bool HasAttribute (const ObjectIdentifier &in_oid) const
std::vector< UStringGetStringValuesForAttribute (const ObjectIdentifier &in_oid) const
< pdftron::Crypto::X501AttributeTypeAndValue
GetAllAttributesAndValues () const
 X501DistinguishedName (TRN_X501DistinguishedName impl)

Public Attributes

TRN_X501DistinguishedName m_impl

Detailed Description

This class represents a distinguished name (DN) as defined in X.501. See the X.500 standards, RFC 5280, and an OID repository for more information.

Definition at line 22 of file X501DistinguishedName.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::Crypto::X501DistinguishedName::X501DistinguishedName ( const X501DistinguishedName other)
pdftron::Crypto::X501DistinguishedName::~X501DistinguishedName ( )
pdftron::Crypto::X501DistinguishedName::X501DistinguishedName ( TRN_X501DistinguishedName  impl)

Member Function Documentation

void pdftron::Crypto::X501DistinguishedName::Destroy ( )
std::vector<pdftron::Crypto::X501AttributeTypeAndValue> pdftron::Crypto::X501DistinguishedName::GetAllAttributesAndValues ( ) const

Retrieves all of the attribute-type-to-value pairs in this distinguished name.

a container of X501AttributeTypeAndValue objects
std::vector<UString> pdftron::Crypto::X501DistinguishedName::GetStringValuesForAttribute ( const ObjectIdentifier in_oid) const

Returns a container full of string representations of all the values in this distinguished name that match a particular attribute's object identifier (OID). If an attribute's OID defines the corresponding value to not be of a string type, then that value will not be returned from this function.

in_oidthe object identifier representing the sought attribute.
a container of string values containing any strings associated with the supplied attribute
bool pdftron::Crypto::X501DistinguishedName::HasAttribute ( const ObjectIdentifier in_oid) const

Returns whether this distinguished name contains a particular attribute, identified by its object identifier (OID).

in_oidthe object identifier representing the sought attribute.
a boolean value representing whether this distinguished name contains the supplied attribute.
X501DistinguishedName& pdftron::Crypto::X501DistinguishedName::operator= ( const X501DistinguishedName other)

Member Data Documentation

TRN_X501DistinguishedName pdftron::Crypto::X501DistinguishedName::m_impl

Definition at line 68 of file X501DistinguishedName.h.

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