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pdftron::Crypto::X501AttributeTypeAndValue Class Reference

#include <X501AttributeTypeAndValue.h>

Public Member Functions

 X501AttributeTypeAndValue (const X501AttributeTypeAndValue &other)
X501AttributeTypeAndValueoperator= (const X501AttributeTypeAndValue &other)
void Destroy ()
ObjectIdentifier GetAttributeTypeOID () const
UString GetStringValue () const
 ~X501AttributeTypeAndValue ()
 X501AttributeTypeAndValue (TRN_X501AttributeTypeAndValue impl)

Public Attributes

TRN_X501AttributeTypeAndValue m_impl

Detailed Description

This class represents an AttributeTypeAndValue as mentioned in RFC 5280 in the context of DistinguishedNames and as defined in ITU X.501.

Definition at line 21 of file X501AttributeTypeAndValue.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::Crypto::X501AttributeTypeAndValue::X501AttributeTypeAndValue ( const X501AttributeTypeAndValue other)
pdftron::Crypto::X501AttributeTypeAndValue::~X501AttributeTypeAndValue ( )
pdftron::Crypto::X501AttributeTypeAndValue::X501AttributeTypeAndValue ( TRN_X501AttributeTypeAndValue  impl)

Member Function Documentation

void pdftron::Crypto::X501AttributeTypeAndValue::Destroy ( )
ObjectIdentifier pdftron::Crypto::X501AttributeTypeAndValue::GetAttributeTypeOID ( ) const

Retrieves the OID (i.e. one of the object identifiers from the X.500 attribute types) in the form of integer components in a container.

an ObjectIdentifier object.
UString pdftron::Crypto::X501AttributeTypeAndValue::GetStringValue ( ) const

Retrieves the value associated with the contained OID (object identifier) as a string, if the value is defined by the OID to be of a string type.

a string containing the string value.
X501AttributeTypeAndValue& pdftron::Crypto::X501AttributeTypeAndValue::operator= ( const X501AttributeTypeAndValue other)

Member Data Documentation

TRN_X501AttributeTypeAndValue pdftron::Crypto::X501AttributeTypeAndValue::m_impl

Definition at line 53 of file X501AttributeTypeAndValue.h.

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