Learn how you can provide a superior document viewing and editing experience in Salesforce with PDFTron’s Salesforce-specific PDF Viewer. In this webinar, we explore WebViewer, our pure client-side JavaScript library. With WebViewer, you can open, view, annotate, edit, and save PDF documents entirely within your Salesforce app! All document processing happens right in the browser, allowing you to circumvent roadblocks to a full document viewing experience in Salesforce -- such as issues around hosting, security, or requiring users to view documents in an external environment.

  • Quickly install and setup PDFTron’s WebViewer in Salesforce
  • Improve the user experience by adding features to your Salesforce viewer - including viewing, annotating, redacting and editing PDFs and MS Office documents directly in Salesforce
  • Create a custom Salesforce document viewer that matches your brand and UI elements
  • Add new form fields to documents and let users fill in form fields in your Salesforce app
  • Digitally sign documents with your mouse, by adding an image or by typing your name
  • Save time by rotating, deleting or adding pages to documents without having to open third-party software outside the Salesforce app