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Pricing and Licensing To Help You Reach Your Goals

PDFTron’s SDK platform adds industry-leading document viewing, editing and processing performance to your application.

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Pricing and feature scope tailored to match your application and business requirements

  • Deploy PDFTron’s powerful document viewing, editing technology for rendering and document processing on web, mobile and desktop platforms
  • Ready for integration, OEM redistribution, and organizations with large document volumes or unique requirements
  • Multi-domain pricing and favorable multi-year discounts
  • Offline and sandboxed operation supported
  • Custom, comprehensive contract terms
  • Consulting and training services

How to Build Your Product Ecosystem with the PDFTron Platform

The PDFTron SDK can easily add a powerful PDF viewer to your application or become a complete document processing framework. It scales with your goals, as our APIs bring Microsoft Office, CAD, and even video collaboration capabilities to your application on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, and the web.
Start small and grow at your own pace, or get all the functionality you need right away.


Document processing


Document processing, viewing, annotation, advanced editing, and other UI workflows

PDFTron’s Scalable Pricing Model

Your Customized Quote

PDFTron’s SDK is quoted based on the breadth of technology (APIs, features) and the distribution scope (external or internal users). These variable factors make the price of a license very flexible to represent the value the SDK generates for you.

Scalable License Options

PDFTron provides license options that start with a PDFTron SDK-based scalable viewer, moving up to a cross-platform set of APIs that serve as a powerful differentiator for global organizations.

Try the PDFTron SDK Until You Are Ready to Talk

We provide you with the full SDK for a free trial, with technical support included, to help you throughout your testing phase. We also provide consultation on how to tailor the SDK to fit your requirements and guarantee an effective and successful evaluation.

How Customized Licenses are Priced

A unique PDFTron SDK license maximizes the benefits you receive, ensuring you are offered a solution tailored to solve your business needs and feature requirements.

When you contact us , our Solution Engineers and Account Executives assist you along the way to find the solution that adds the most value for your business, whether you license for OEM redistribution as part of a commercial product or for your internal application to provide workflows accessed by employees.

After more than 20 years in the market, PDFTron understands that the document SDK industry consists of highly customized and individual solutions. The PDFTron SDK is made in-house, independent of open-source components. It is, therefore, uniquely suited to create a sustainable, secure, and scalable solution for internal use and commercial distribution.

Flexible Licensing Model

PDFTron offers various licensing options to align with your business model and requirements.

License What You Need

Select the required feature sets and platforms. Upgrade seamlessly as your requirements evolve.

Licensing Transparency

PDFTron technology is not relying on any open-source PDF libraries for rendering, giving you peace of mind.

Direct Developer to Developer Support

Get free support during your trial and evaluation. Licensing kicks in when you are ready to deploy to production.

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