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The Leading Xamarin
PDF Library & Office SDK

Develop native iOS, Android, and Windows UWP apps that can view, edit, create, and annotate PDF, Microsoft Office, and 30+ formats on a shared C# codebase.

Write Multi-platform Code Once

Unlike other APIs, most of PDFTron Xamarin APIs are identical on Android, iOS, and UWP. So you can learn & develop faster and simplify maintenance.

The Most Complete C# API for Xamarin

Start with just what you need and seamlessly add features such as reflow, redaction, and MS Office support from the most comprehensive SDK on the market.

Complete Source Code Customization

Create winning document experiences with the power & flexibility of complete UI source code customization. No limits!

Hundreds of features

Support current and future use cases with the most complete PDF & Office SDK on the market.

All Features

30+ file formats

Support for 30+ file formats, including PDF, PDF/A, HTML, SVG, PNG, and Microsoft Office.

All File Formats

Documentation & Samples

Everything you need to quickly build a prototype, and for a great development experience.


Using PDFTron

PDFTron is easy to get up and running with popular package managers and a few lines of code.

Viewing a PDF (Android)

Viewing a PDF (iOS)

Creating an Annotation

Converting to Image

using pdftron.PDF.Controls;

// load file from internal storage
var localFile = Uri.FromFile(new File("tiger.pdf"));
DocumentActivity.OpenDocument(this, localFile);

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Powered by the PDFTron SDK

Easy to Integrate

Easy to Integrate Code samples, familiar package managers, and a Docker image make it easy to get up and running.

Consistent and Predictable

Our core document engine has been perfected by 20 years of knowledge, innovation, and real-world testing.

Fully Customizable

An open source UI gives you complete freedom to match your look & feel, and optimize the user experience.

Truly Cross-Platform

A single API with consistent function calls across platforms means a shorter learning curve and easier maintenance.

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