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PDF Viewer SDK & Library for 30+ File Formats

Embed the best-in-class document viewing experience that works consistently across web, mobile, and desktop platforms. Unlimited UI flexibility wrapped around our fast & battle-tested rendering engine, page streaming, reflow, night mode, and more — all designed for the best possible user experience.

Accurate & Reliable Rendering

PDF & Office specifications are very complex. Avoid costly surprises with the most compliant rendering engine built from the ground up and perfected at PDFTron over the last 20 years

Fastest Viewer

Enjoy optimized silky-smooth viewing across web, mobile, and desktop platforms. Let users view remote pages instantly, without slowly downloading the entire file.

Designed for Complex Files

Handle any file that your users may bring along — no matter how large or complex. Discover why CAD/CAM/AEC has standardized on PDFTron SDK.

Complete Source Code Customization

Use slick, drop-in widgets & annotation tools that come with full source code. Match your look & feel or build a unique product. No limits!

The Most Scalable Viewer

Cut bandwidth costs with on-demand page streaming. Reduce or eliminate DevOps costs with scalable serverless viewing technology.

Office Document Viewer

Add support for viewing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents to any browser or app -- no conversion or server dependencies required. Learn more

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  • Core viewing operations (scrolling, panning, zooming, jumping to pages)
  • Standard & custom page viewing modes (e.g. single, facing, cover, scrolling, fit-page, fit-width, etc.)
  • Reflow
  • Night, sepia and custom-color mode
  • Extensive support for PDF forms & digital signatures
  • Extensive annotation & real-time collaboration support
  • Regex text search across a page or an entire document
  • Manipulate pages (rotate, crop, move, copy/export, delete, merge documents)
  • ICC color management
  • Overprint control & preview
  • View PDF separations
  • Easy navigation (with thumbnails, bookmarks, links, and history)
  • Display-list caching (speeding-up viewing of complex documents)
  • Direct & serverless rendering support for PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, XPS, plain-text, mark-down, TIFF, and other image formats
  • Universal viewing support for any printable document via a built-in Virtual Printer Driver [Windows Only]
  • Selective viewing and hiding of contents in different layers (OCGs)
  • PDF package support
  • Security settings (custom encryption & DRM controls, dynamic watermarks)
  • PDF/A viewing mode
  • Font-substitution control
  • Pressure-sensitive stylus support
  • Support for R2L (Right to Left) languages (e.g. Arabic, Hebrew, etc)
  • Infinite Undo/Redo
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Text to Speech Support
  • See All SDK Features.

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