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Edit PDFs With An Advanced PDF Manipulation Library

Embed best-in-class document manipulation and editing in your web, mobile, desktop, and server applications.


Page Manipulation

Append, split, add, remove, crop, reorder, rotate, and export PDF pages.

Edit Page Content

Remove, insert, or reposition specific content (like text, images, paths, bookmarks, and annotations) within existing pages.

Append Multiple PDFs

Assemble new documents from a mixture of dynamic and static documents.

Modify Graphical Elements

Modify properties or attributes on existing graphical elements (like changing font, inter-character spacing, fill color, etc).

Annotations & Form Data

Merge all or select annotations and form field data into a single output PDF.

True Redaction

Destroy all traces of sensitive content within a document region, including images, text, and vector graphics. Information is not just hidden with clipping or image masks.

Programmatic and Interactive

Automate document manipulation, editing, and assembly at scale, or embed UI widgets in your application. Craft a winning editing experience with an open source UI designed to give you unlimited UX flexibility.

Full Document Control

Access all document information through its low-level PDF object model (COS/SDF API). Modify images, graphical properties, fonts, edit text, metadata, annotations, form field data, and much more.

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  • Add or edit images
  • Split pages
  • Merge and append pages
  • Replicate and reorder pages
  • Assemble new documents from a mixture of dynamic and static documents
  • Remove existing pages
  • Rotate pages
  • Adjust page dimensions (e.g. adjust media/crop/bleed box)
  • Reposition page content
  • Imposition functionality (merge several source pages into a master page)
  • Work with PDF page labels (read or edit existing labels and create new labels)
  • Remove specific content from existing pages (e.g. based on some property or on positioning information on the page)
  • Insert or append new content to existing pages
  • Modify properties/attributes on existing graphical elements (e.g. change font, inter-character spacing, fill color, etc.)
  • Edit text, images, and paths
  • Edit document metadata
  • Crop
  • Edit bookmarks and page annotations
  • Edit every aspect of the document through COS API
  • Ability to remove or modify/edit existing PDF layers (OCGs)

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