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Licensing PDFTron Technology

PDFTron technology is available to all types of organizations for use with internal workflows as well as commercial applications distributed or accessible by end users.

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License types

OEM Redistributable

Part of a commercial/external product or service for distribution to or access by external clients or users.


Part of an in-house application or workflow accessed and used by only internal users of an organization (employees).

Flexible Licensing Model

PDFTron offers a variety of licensing options that are aligned with your business model and requirements.

License What You Need

Choose the required feature sets and platforms. Upgrade seamlessly as your requirements evolve.

Licensing Transparency

PDFTron technology does not use viral or open-source libraries for PDF rendering, giving you peace of mind.

Direct Developer to Developer Support

Get free support during your trial and evaluation. Licensing kicks in when you are ready to deploy to production.

All copyright to PDFTron technology is retained by PDFTron. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Your use of any PDFTron software or runtimes created with PDFTron software is allowed only under the applicable license terms granted to you by PDFTron, and it is the Licensee’s responsibility to honour the terms of such license grant. All prospective customers have the opportunity to evaluate PDFTron’s products prior to licensing.

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