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PDF/A Conversion Library in Xamarin

PDF/A is specialized for use in archiving and long-term preservation. Our API allows developers to convert generic PDF documents to PDF/A (ISO 19005-1) or to validate existing PDF/A documents.

PDFTron SDK benefits include:

  • Checks if a PDF file is compliant with any PDF/A specifications (ISO 19005-1, 19005-2, 19005-3).
  • Converts any PDF to a PDF/A compliant document.
  • Supports all PDFA versions and conformance levels: PDF/A-1A, PDF/A-1B, PDF/A-2A, PDF/A-2B, PDF/A-2U, PDF/A-3A, PDF/A-3B, PDF/A-3U.
  • Produces a detailed report of compliance violations and associated PDF objects.
  • Keeps the required changes to a minimum, preserving the consistency of the original.
  • Tracks all changes to allow for automatic assessment of data loss.
  • Allows user to customize compliance checks or omit specific changes during the conversion process.
  • Supports user-defined color profiles.
  • Offers automatic font substitution, embedding, and subsetting options.

linkPicking a version and conformance level

How to Pick the Right Version of PDF/A
It is in general best to use PDF/A-2B but please review the blog to learn more.

linkGet started

Convert PDF to PDF/A
To convert a PDF document to PDF/A format.

Validate PDF/A document
To validate a PDF/A document for compliance.

linkTools & Utilities

PDF/A Manager
A command-line tool that can convert and validate PDF/A documents

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