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Step 2: View a documentkeyboard_arrow_down

Step 2: View a document in Xamarin.iOS

  1. If you do not already have an existing application, create a new Visual Studio iOS App project with Single View App.
  2. Add these namespaces to ViewController.cs:

    using pdftron;
    using pdftron.PDF.Controls;
  3. Add a new NavigationController as the entry point and make the existing ViewController the root view controller:

Step 1

Your final setup should look like this:

Step 2

  1. Add the following lines to the ViewDidLoad() method:

    var documentController = new PTDocumentController();
    this.NavigationController.PushViewController(documentController, true);
    documentController.OpenDocumentWithURL(new Uri(""));
  2. Run the application in debug mode and you should see the DocumentController start up:

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