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Why do I need to enable vectorDrawables support for my app?keyboard_arrow_down

Why do I need to enable vectorDrawables support for my app?

This tutorial only applies to Xamarin.Android.

The PDFTron Android SDK uses vector drawables for all its image resources. In order to support vector drawables on devices running Android versions lower than Android 5.0 (API level 21), you will need set vectorDrawables.usesSupportLibrary = true in your application module's build.gradle file. If your Android app's minimum SDK level is 21 or above, you will not need to set this flag. You can learn more about vector drawable resources in Android here.


android {
    defaultConfig {
        multiDexEnabled true
+       vectorDrawables.useSupportLibrary = true
        manifestPlaceholders = [pdftronLicenseKey:PDFTRON_LICENSE_KEY]

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