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Version 8.0.2 Changelog (November 30, 2020)

Version: 8.0.2

Release Date: November 30, 2020


More information can be found on What's new for cross-platform APIs.

Improvements and Bug fixes

  • [pdf] Added PDF.Convert.FromTxtAsync(PDFDoc, IStorageFile, Obj)
  • [pdf] Added PDF.Convert.FromXpsAsync(PDFDoc, IStorageFile)
  • [pdf] Added PDF.Convert.FromEmfAsync(PDFDoc, IStorageFile)
  • [pdf] Added PDF.Convert.ToPDFAsync(PDFDoc, IStorageFile)
  • [pdf] Added PDF.PDFA.SaveAsAsync(StorageFile, bool)
  • [pdf] Added PDF.Convert.ToPDFAsync(PDFDoc, IFilter, string)
  • [tool] Added Tools.CommandBarCustom to allow command bar opening direction
  • [tool] Added ToolManager.OnShowPopupMenu event
  • [pdf] Fixed centered double line in dashed line annotation

Changed Behavior

  • [pdf] Removed PDF.Convert.ToPdfAsync(PDFDoc, IFilter)`

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