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PDFTron SDK Demo/Trial

PDFTron Systems offers a free, 40-day evaluation of the PDFTron SDK (active days only). Once the 40-day evaluation period expires, the library will start generating an exception/error indicating that the evaluation period has expired and the library will stop functioning.

Note: Active days above refers to days of active use - this means that only the days that you use the product count towards the demo period.

linkCommon questions

The most common query regarding the demo/trial mode, arises from errors arising due to insufficient rights.

Error: When trying to run the application, the following error message is seen:

Please contact customer support at: No reg. write rights.

Solution: Please use an account with sufficient privileges to write to the registry. Using PDFNet demo on development machines is usually not a problem because most development machines do not restrict writing to the registry. In case you are using the evaluation version on a production IIS server, you need to grant sufficient permissions to the assembly - or loosen your global security policy to allow registry writes. This restriction does not apply to the production version, which does not require registry access.

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