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Updating to the latest version of PDFTron for iOS

linkVia Cocoapods

If you have integrated PDFNet using Cocoapods, you can update PDFNet by using pod update from the command line, which will update all pods, or, pod update PDFNet, which will update PDFNet only. Note that this works only if you are using the latest.podspec and have not pinned to a specific version's podspec.

linkVia manual integration

If your app is integrating PDFNet manually, you should follow those steps again whenever a new version of the PDFNet framework is obtained.

Ensuring use of the new framework
If you remove the old references to PDFNet.framework or Tools.framework from the project, and then drag the new copies to the project, Xcode may continue to use the original ones. This will happen if the old location is listed in the project's framework search paths before the new location. Ensure that your project is using the new copy of the framework by placing the new version in the same location as the old one, or by adjusting the framework search paths to reference only the new location.

You can call the PDFNet type method (class method) getVersion to verify which version of PDFNet is being used.

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