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Displaying a PDF

This guide demonstrates how to display a PDF. To begin working with PDFNet, you must have first added it to your project, and initialized the library.

  1. Add a PDF to your project, by dragging it into the project's left side panel. Ensure that it will be copied into the bundle's resources by checking that it is listed under the Copy Bundle Resources section of the project's Build Phases. (If it is not present here, add it using the '+' button.)

    The file sample.pdf has been added to the project, and will be copied into the bundle.
  2. PDFNet must be initialized with a key that is provided during trial registration or after licensing. This only needs to be done once, and must be done before using any PDFNet classes. This is done as shown:

  3. Instantiate a new PTPDFDoc, using the PDF that was added in step 1:

  4. Create a new PTPDFViewCtrl and add it as a child to the current view:


    Running the app will now display the PDF sample.pdf. However, it will not support annotation creation, editing, text selection, or any other UI aspect that is handled by Tools.framework. To add support for annotations and text selection you need to incorporate the tools framework.