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Convert PDF to multiple format types

To convert PDF documents to different format types.

Formats include BMP, EMF, JPEG, PNG, TIF, XPS, XOD, SVG, EMF, and more.
PTPDFDoc* doc = [[PTPDFDoc alloc] initWithFilepath:filename];

// Convert PDF document to SVG
[PTConvert ToSvgWithPDFDoc:doc in_filename:output_filename in_options:nil];

// Convert PDF document to XPS
[PTConvert ToXpsWithFilename:filename in_outputFilename:output_filename options:nil];

// Convert PDF document to multipage TIFF
PTTiffOutputOptions* tiff_options = [[PTTiffOutputOptions alloc] init];
[tiff_options SetDPI:200];
[tiff_options SetDither:true];
[tiff_options SetMono:true];
[PTConvert ToTiff:filename out_path:output_filename options:tiff_options];

// Convert PDF to XOD
[PTConvert ToXodWithFilename:filename out_filename:output_filename options:nil];

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