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Import annotations on iOS

To import XFDF into FDF, then merge data from FDF into PDF

// Import annotations from XFDF to FDF
PTFDFDoc *fdf_doc = [PTFDFDoc CreateFromXFDF: xfdf_filename];

// Optionally read XFDF from a string
PTFDFDoc *fdf_doc = [PTFDFDoc CreateFromXFDF: xfdf_string];

// Merge FDF data into PDF doc
PTPDFDoc *doc = [[PTPDFDoc alloc] initWithFilepath: filename];
[doc FDFMerge: fdf_doc];
Disable annotation auto-save
Document changes by default will automatically save to the PDF. Set PTDocumentController's automaticallySavesDocument to false to disable auto-save.

PDF Form fill and form data extraction
Full sample code which illustrates basic FDF merge/extract functionality and full support for FDF (Forms Data Format)

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