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Version Changelog (October 31st, 2019)

  • Version:
  • Release Date: October 31st, 2019
  • Built with Xcode 11.1 (11A1027)


  • Bookmark/Outline/Annotation lists are shown side-by-side with the document on iPads. This is the new default behavior, which can be controlled with the PTDocumentViewController class's alwaysShowNavigationListsAsModal property. Lists next to viewer
  • Thumbnail view can now filter to show only annotated or bookmarked pages. Thumbnails browser
  • Annotations are now selected instantly when tapped (without waiting to see if a double tap will occur).
  • Full support for iOS 13 text selection gestures.
  • PencilKit markup annotations are now saved back with higher quality.
  • Annotations are can now be precisely repositioned with ease.
  • Ability to resize an annotation while maintaining its aspect ratio.
  • A optional settings manager class can now be used to save and toggle common user preferences. A settings manager UI is also available. This is accessible in the Complete Reader sample project via the gear at the top left corner of the document browser.
  • The annotation list will select (rather than flash) an annotation when one is selected from the list.
  • Assorted UX improvements and bug fixes.


  • This release also includes bitcode for the (dynamic) PDFNet and Tools frameworks in the SDK DMG download and CocoaPods.

linkAPI diff

  • An API diff from the previous version is available.

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