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Release Date: 2012.06.20

linkChanges to PDFViewCtrl:

  • New property zoomEnabled to enabled/disable pinch zooming.
  • New selectors LockDoc:, TryLockDoc, UnlockDoc to help with locking the document.
  • New selector SetZoomMinimum:Maximum:Mode: to limit the zoom.
  • New selector SetHighlightFields: to highlight form fields.
  • New selector SetPathHinting: to turn path hinting on and off.
  • New selector SetContentBufferSize: to control how much memory PDFViewControl allocates to its display buffer.
  • New selector OpenUrl:WithPassword to open a PDF from an HTTP server.
  • Improved font substitution on for PDF's that don't embed fonts.
  • Now possible to write custom filters.
  • Bug fixes

linkChange to PDFDoc:

  • New selector HasXFA that checks for the presence of XFA (dynamic) forms.

linkChanges to Tools:

  • Numerous improvements in the overall behaviour of the tools
  • Bug fixes

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