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Insert PDF

Inserting pages into a PDF from command-line

Pages from multiple input documents can be sequentially inserted (or appended) into a new output document. Users can optionally specify a range of pages to use from each input document.


pagemaster (-i or \--insert) \<file to insert\> \<input files\>

By default, the inserted file is appended to the input files, but otherwise the following options can be used:

--before <page number>

causes the inserted file to be inserted before page <page number>

--after <page number>

causes the inserted file to be inserted after page <page number>


Insert toinsert.pdf before page 4 in inserted.pdf:

pagemaster -i toinsert.pdf --before 4 inserted.pdf

Append toinsert.pdf to append.pdf:

pagemaster -i toinsert.pdf append.pdf

Prepend toinsert.pdf to prepend.pdf:

pagemaster -i toinsert.pdf --before 1 prepend.pdf

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