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Intelligent, automated data extraction
from virtually any document

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PDFTron.AI combines the latest in Deep Learning and AI, plus 20 years of document expertise, to teach machines how to understand your documents – saving time and money when it comes to data entry and data extraction.


Data Quality


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Data Quality = Deep Learning + Document Metadata

Most documents these days are digitally born and therefore contain rich semantic information beyond the document image. By combining this embedded information such as metadata, tags, display list order, Unicode and more with the latest in Deep Learning, PDFTron.AI achieves a better understanding and thus, a higher degree of accuracy compared to alternatives.

Example Use Cases

Automated PDF Table Extraction

Unlock table information from vast numbers of financial, medical and scientific documents for better insights. Try our online PDF Table extraction demo.

Advanced Data Extraction

Extract semantic structures based on visual and layout cues such as lists, figures, photos, bars, charts, headers, footnotes, ToCs, stock quotes, and more.

Next Generation Search

Build intelligent document search & discovery by leveraging semantic information (such as chapters, sections, reading order, and tables) instead of unstructured streams of raw text.

Accessibility, Reflow, and Content Repurposing

Accurately convert from PDF to Word, Excel and HTML. Reflow document content for different-sized screens or improve content accessibility for screen readers.

Automatic Form Recognition

Leverage low maintenance “set and forget” form data extraction - no templates or manual re-touching required. Transform scanned images of forms into fillable, editable PDFs.

Symbol Extraction

Automatically identify and process standardized symbols in a large body of files - such as AEC CAD drawings - for analysis, budget estimation and collaboration.

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