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Help us change the way the world works with documents.

Great People, Great Technology

We’re a dedicated team of technologists who developed a platform entirely in-house to bring PDF, CAD, and MS Office capabilities to any software. But we’re also more than just the technology. We want to change the world, just like you. So let’s work together.

Join Our Next Phase of Growth

In 2019 we raised $95 million, led by Silversmith Capital Partners, to expand R&D and product development, as well as for strategic acquisitions.

Transform Your Career

Take it to the next level or kick start your career by taking ownership of opportunities, setting objectives, and driving key results.

Help The Planet Go Paperless

Our digital document technology is used by millions of people every day, saving trees and water, while reducing the world’s carbon footprint.

Some of Our Amazing Customers

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As a solutions engineer, PDFTron provides a unique opportunity to work hands-on with the latest technology while also engaging closely with customers and prospects. Every day is different. I am growing my tech stack expertise, while also learning about sales and management in a high-growth environment.
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Andrey Safonov
Solutions Engineer
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At any stage of your career, this is a place where you can learn, grow, and have a high impact within the company and with our customers. It's easy to identify and create new opportunities for your own growth and development. PDFTron manages to add the fun startup vibe to a fast growing and stable business.
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Shirley Gong
Head of Android
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I've had the pleasure of working at PDFTron for a few years now. As a software development manager, I get the unique opportunity to work with everything the customer sees. It's the best part of the job and a great feeling when I hear our customers are happy with our solutions. Creating amazing products, working with talented people, and solving challenging problems are what PDFTron is all about.
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Paul Laoha
Software Development Manager
Testimonial quote
I work in sales operations and finance, and I'm thrilled to see what's in store for this thriving company! PDFTron is ever-changing as it continues to evolve. That provides people in my position plenty of entrepreneurial opportunities to learn and grow by taking on new challenges. When I got here, I received a great deal of trust and creative freedom -- just what I was seeking. I get the real impression the company wants employees to be happy and committed for the long-term.
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Megan Westbrook
Sales Operations
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I lead PDFTron's growth strategy through global M&A initiatives and strategic partnerships. And it's an inspiring time to be here. We're thriving with many new partners joining the team. And we have to be on the constant lookout for new innovative document technologies and talent to add to our platform. Based on my experience, working at PDFTron comes with a high level of ownership, and you get to see the real impact of what you're adding, which is the most satisfying part! PDFTron is a true Canadian tech success story and a great company to be part of as we continue to expand outside North America.
Testimonial profile
Louisa Yeung
Head of Corporate Development
Testimonial quote
I currently lead the strategic sales team in our mission to seek out new accounts & develop critical partnerships. I'm having a blast! My responsibilities require that I wear many hats and engage with different parts of the business. And with brand new challenges and opportunities around every corner, I never get bored. The job just gets more enjoyable with each passing year. But that's par for the course at a rapidly growing tech company -- where you get to constantly learn & develop new skills. If you're seeking an environment in which to grow professionally and be part of an exciting story -- then PDFTron is the place for you. Come join us.
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Sam Beydoun
Sales Manager

Perks and Benefits

Work-Life Balance

We don't punch clocks for one simple reason: you know best. So long as you're delivering results, you get as much flexibility as you need.

Downtown Location

We’re headquartered in downtown Vancouver, BC, directly off a bike route and a 4-minute walk from Waterfront Station.

Socials Activities

We don’t just work hard, but also play hard with bi-weekly lunches, monthly socials, weekly gaming sessions, and daily stretching.

Stock Options

Be a shareholder, fuel your entrepreneurial nature, and benefit from our financial success.

Continuous Learning

Tap into an unlimited professional development budget to become a true master at your craft.

Health and Wellness

In addition to health and dental coverage, we offer a generous amount of vacation time to recharge.

Life’s Pretty Good Here


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