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Document SDK

Redaction SDK

Secure and Permanent Redaction

Permanently redact confidential and personally identifiable information from PDF documents, scans, and other file formats to fulfill compliance requirements and satisfy privacy laws such as GDPR or CPRA - right within your web app, or programmatically on your server.

Add the Redaction Library to Your Application

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Permanently Remove Sensitive and Confidential Data

Remove sensitive text, areas, or entire pages completely and permanently in PDFs, images, MS Office files, and dozens of other formats.

redaction removal sdk

Mark for Redaction

Apply redactions right away, or forward all items marked for redaction to the next person for review and approval.

redaction mark for approval sdk

Search & Redact

Search entire documents to instantly identify specific text and personally identifiable information (PII). Regex search allows you to automatically mark and redact sensitive information patterns related to phone numbers, credit cards, email addresses, and more.

search redact regex sdk redaction

Automate Redaction Workflows

Ensure adherence to confidentiality requirements and automate document processes with the redaction SDK. Document processes can include any part of the redaction API, from text and pattern recognition to complementary workflows such as encryption and PDF/A archival.

automate redaction workflows sdk

Client-Side or Server-Side Redaction

Redact and then export finished documents even if you’re offline via any web, desktop, or mobile application. Information never needs to leave your client device and server-side processes aren’t required, but they’re available if you prefer.

client side redaction sdk

The Complete PDF, MS Office, and Document SDK at Your Fingertips

Start with a web redaction SDK for PDF, then easily add out-of-the-box components to bring more value to your users. Client-side Office viewing, annotation, conversion, and dozens of other document capabilities are available for 160+ file formats on any platform.

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