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pdftron::PDF::WebFontDownloader Class Reference

#include <WebFontDownloader.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static bool IsAvailable ()
static void EnableDownloads ()
static void DisableDownloads ()
static void PreCacheAsync ()
static void ClearCache ()
static void SetCustomWebFontURL (UString url)

Detailed Description

The class WebFontDownloader. static interface to control the behaviour of PDFNet web font downloading

Definition at line 22 of file WebFontDownloader.h.

Member Function Documentation

static void pdftron::PDF::WebFontDownloader::ClearCache ( )

clear any pre-cached font files residing in persistent storage.

static void pdftron::PDF::WebFontDownloader::DisableDownloads ( )

Prevent PDFNet from accessing the network to download missing fonts. It may still use previously downloaded fonts (which are cached on disk).

static void pdftron::PDF::WebFontDownloader::EnableDownloads ( )

Allow PDFNet to access the network to download missing fonts when possible.

static bool pdftron::PDF::WebFontDownloader::IsAvailable ( )

Find out whether the web font downloader is available in version of PDFNet.

returns true if web font downloading can be done.
static void pdftron::PDF::WebFontDownloader::PreCacheAsync ( )

download and cache a base collection of fonts in a background thread. Will not do anything if downloading is currently disabled.

static void pdftron::PDF::WebFontDownloader::SetCustomWebFontURL ( UString  url)

Set the root path into which the web font downloader will make requests.

url– The root path into which the web font downloader will make requests.

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