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pdftron::PDF::ActionParameter Class Reference

#include <ActionParameter.h>

Public Member Functions

 ActionParameter (const Action &action, const Field &field)
 ActionParameter (const Action &action, const Annot &annot)
 ActionParameter (const Action &action, const Page &page)
 ActionParameter (const Action &action)
 ActionParameter (const ActionParameter &action_param)
ActionParameteroperator= (const ActionParameter &action_param)
 ~ActionParameter ()
Action GetAction ()
void Destroy ()
ptrdiff_t GetHandleInternal ()
 ActionParameter (TRN_ActionParameter impl)

Static Public Member Functions

static ActionParameterCreateInternal (ptrdiff_t impl)

Public Attributes

TRN_ActionParameter mp_parameter

Detailed Description

ActionParameter is a class used to describe all the information needed to execute an action. In most cases only the action itself is necessary since the document can be inferred from associated SDF::Obj, however some actions particularly JavaScript actions on Field or Annot objects need access to the associated Field or Annot object.

Definition at line 17 of file ActionParameter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::PDF::ActionParameter::ActionParameter ( const Action action,
const Field field 
pdftron::PDF::ActionParameter::ActionParameter ( const Action action,
const Annot annot 
pdftron::PDF::ActionParameter::ActionParameter ( const Action action,
const Page page 
pdftron::PDF::ActionParameter::ActionParameter ( const Action action)
pdftron::PDF::ActionParameter::ActionParameter ( const ActionParameter action_param)
pdftron::PDF::ActionParameter::~ActionParameter ( )
pdftron::PDF::ActionParameter::ActionParameter ( TRN_ActionParameter  impl)

Member Function Documentation

static ActionParameter* pdftron::PDF::ActionParameter::CreateInternal ( ptrdiff_t  impl)
void pdftron::PDF::ActionParameter::Destroy ( )
Action pdftron::PDF::ActionParameter::GetAction ( )
ptrdiff_t pdftron::PDF::ActionParameter::GetHandleInternal ( )
ActionParameter& pdftron::PDF::ActionParameter::operator= ( const ActionParameter action_param)

Member Data Documentation

TRN_ActionParameter pdftron::PDF::ActionParameter::mp_parameter

Definition at line 37 of file ActionParameter.h.

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