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pdftron::SDF::SignatureHandler Class Referenceabstract

#include <SignatureHandler.h>

Public Member Functions

virtual UString GetName () const
virtual void AppendData (const std::vector< pdftron::UInt8 > &data)
virtual bool Reset ()
virtual std::vector
< pdftron::UInt8
CreateSignature ()
virtual SignatureHandlerClone () const =0
virtual ~SignatureHandler ()

Static Public Member Functions

static TRN_Exception TRN_SIGAPI TRN_SignatureHandlerGetNameImpl (TRN_UString *out_name, void *derived)
static TRN_Exception TRN_SIGAPI TRN_SignatureHandlerAppendDataImpl (const TRN_SignatureData in_data, void *derived)
static TRN_Exception TRN_SIGAPI TRN_SignatureHandlerResetImpl (TRN_Bool *out_result, void *derived)
static TRN_Exception TRN_SIGAPI TRN_SignatureHandlerCreateSignatureImpl (TRN_SignatureData *out_signature, void *derived)
static TRN_Exception TRN_SIGAPI TRN_SignatureHandlerDestroyImpl (void *derived)

Public Attributes

std::vector< pdftron::UInt8m_signature_data

Detailed Description

A base class for SignatureHandler. SignatureHandler instances are responsible for defining the digest and cipher algorithms to create and/or validate a signed PDF document. SignatureHandlers are added to PDFDoc instances by calling the PDFDoc::AddSignatureHandler method.

Definition at line 28 of file SignatureHandler.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual pdftron::SDF::SignatureHandler::~SignatureHandler ( )


Member Function Documentation

virtual void pdftron::SDF::SignatureHandler::AppendData ( const std::vector< pdftron::UInt8 > &  data)

Adds data to be signed. This data will be the raw serialized byte buffer as the PDF is being saved to any stream.

dataA chunk of data to be signed.
virtual SignatureHandler* pdftron::SDF::SignatureHandler::Clone ( ) const
pure virtual

This method returns a cloned copy of the current instance.

A new, cloned instance of SignatureHandler.
this method must be implemented in any derived class from SignatureHandler.
virtual std::vector<pdftron::UInt8> pdftron::SDF::SignatureHandler::CreateSignature ( )

Calculates the actual signature using client implemented signing methods. The returned value (byte array) will be written as the /Contents entry in the signature dictionary.

The calculated signature data.
virtual UString pdftron::SDF::SignatureHandler::GetName ( ) const

Gets the name of this SignatureHandler. The name of the SignatureHandler is what identifies this SignatureHandler from all others. This name is also added to the PDF as the value of /Filter entry in the signature dictionary.

The name of this SignatureHandler.
virtual bool pdftron::SDF::SignatureHandler::Reset ( )

Resets any data appending and signature calculations done so far. This method should allow PDFNet to restart the whole signature calculation process. It is important that when this method is invoked, any data processed with the AppendData method should be discarded.

True if there are no errors, otherwise false.
static TRN_Exception TRN_SIGAPI pdftron::SDF::SignatureHandler::TRN_SignatureHandlerAppendDataImpl ( const TRN_SignatureData  in_data,
void *  derived 
static TRN_Exception TRN_SIGAPI pdftron::SDF::SignatureHandler::TRN_SignatureHandlerCreateSignatureImpl ( TRN_SignatureData *  out_signature,
void *  derived 
static TRN_Exception TRN_SIGAPI pdftron::SDF::SignatureHandler::TRN_SignatureHandlerDestroyImpl ( void *  derived)
static TRN_Exception TRN_SIGAPI pdftron::SDF::SignatureHandler::TRN_SignatureHandlerGetNameImpl ( TRN_UString *  out_name,
void *  derived 
static TRN_Exception TRN_SIGAPI pdftron::SDF::SignatureHandler::TRN_SignatureHandlerResetImpl ( TRN_Bool *  out_result,
void *  derived 

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<pdftron::UInt8> pdftron::SDF::SignatureHandler::m_signature_data

Definition at line 79 of file SignatureHandler.h.

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