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pdftron::SDF::PDFTronCustomSecurityHandler Class Reference

#include <PDFTronCustomSecurityHandler.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for pdftron::SDF::PDFTronCustomSecurityHandler:

Public Member Functions

 PDFTronCustomSecurityHandler (UInt32 custom_id)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pdftron::SDF::SecurityHandler
bool GetPermission (Permission p)
int GetKeyLength () const
int GetEncryptionAlgorithmID () const
const char * GetHandlerDocName () const
bool IsModified () const
bool IsValid () const
void SetModified (bool is_modified=true)
 SecurityHandler (AlgorithmType crypt_type)
 SecurityHandler (const char *name, int key_len, int enc_code)
 SecurityHandler ()
 SecurityHandler (const SecurityHandler &s)
SecurityHandleroperator= (const SecurityHandler &)
virtual ~SecurityHandler ()
void ChangeUserPasswordASCII (const char *password)
void ChangeUserPassword (const char *password, size_t pwd_length)
void ChangeUserPassword (const pdftron::UString &password)
void ChangeUserPassword (const std::vector< pdftron::UInt8 > &password_buf)
const char * GetUserPassword ()
size_t GetUserPasswordSize () const
void ChangeMasterPasswordASCII (const char *password)
void ChangeMasterPassword (const char *password, size_t pwd_length)
void ChangeMasterPassword (const pdftron::UString &password)
void ChangeMasterPassword (const std::vector< pdftron::UInt8 > &password_buf)
const char * GetMasterPassword ()
size_t GetMasterPasswordSize () const
void SetPermission (Permission perm, bool value)
void ChangeRevisionNumber (int rev_num)
void SetEncryptMetadata (bool encrypt_metadata)
int GetRevisionNumber ()
bool IsUserPasswordRequired ()
bool IsMasterPasswordRequired ()
bool IsAES () const
bool IsAES (Obj stream) const
bool IsRC4 () const
 operator bool ()
virtual void AuthorizeFailed ()
virtual bool Authorize (Permission p)
virtual bool GetAuthorizationData (Permission req_opr)
virtual bool EditSecurityData (SDFDoc &doc)
virtual Obj FillEncryptDict (class SDFDoc &doc)
virtual SecurityHandlerClone (TRN_SecurityHandler base) const
void InitPasswordASCII (const char *password)
void InitPassword (const char *password, size_t pwd_length)
void InitPassword (const pdftron::UString &password)
void InitPassword (const std::vector< pdftron::UInt8 > &password_buf)
void SetDerived (UInt32 overloaded_funct)
SecurityHandlerGetDerived () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from pdftron::SDF::SecurityHandler
enum  Permission {
  e_owner = 1, e_doc_open, e_doc_modify, e_print,
  e_print_high, e_extract_content, e_mod_annot, e_fill_forms,
  e_access_support, e_assemble_doc
enum  AlgorithmType { e_RC4_40 = 1, e_RC4_128, e_AES, e_AES_256 }
enum  OverloadedFunction {
  has_CloneProc = 0x01, has_AuthProc = 0x02, has_AuthFailedProc = 0x04, has_GetAuthDataProc = 0x08,
  has_EditSecurDataProc = 0x10, has_FillEncDictProc = 0x20

Detailed Description

This class represents PDFTron Custom Security handler that applies PDFTron's custom encryption method on save.

Definition at line 17 of file PDFTronCustomSecurityHandler.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::SDF::PDFTronCustomSecurityHandler::PDFTronCustomSecurityHandler ( UInt32  custom_id)


custom_idthe user's custom ID. A random ID is suggested to make the custom security unique to the application.
Please refer to PDFNet::AddPDFTronCustomHandler(UInt32 custom_id) for more details.

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