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pdftron::SDF::DictIterator Class Reference

#include <DictIterator.h>

Public Member Functions

void Next ()
SDF::Obj Key ()
SDF::Obj Value ()
bool HasNext ()
 DictIterator (const DictIterator &c)
DictIteratoroperator= (const DictIterator &other)
 ~DictIterator ()
void Destroy ()

Detailed Description

DictIterator is used to traverse key/value pairs in a dictionary. For example a DictIterator can be used to print out all the entries in a given Obj dictionary as follows:

* DictIterator itr = dict.GetDictIterator();
* while (itr.HasNext()) {
* Obj key = itr.Key();
* cout << key.GetName() << endl;
* Obj value = itr.Value();
* // ...
* itr.Next()
* }

Definition at line 32 of file DictIterator.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::SDF::DictIterator::DictIterator ( const DictIterator c)

Copy constructor.

pdftron::SDF::DictIterator::~DictIterator ( )

Member Function Documentation

void pdftron::SDF::DictIterator::Destroy ( )

Frees the native memory of the object.

bool pdftron::SDF::DictIterator::HasNext ( )
true if the iterator can be successfully advanced to the next element; false if the end collection is reached.
SDF::Obj pdftron::SDF::DictIterator::Key ( )
the key of the current dictionary entry.
void pdftron::SDF::DictIterator::Next ( )

Advances the iterator to the next element of the collection.

DictIterator& pdftron::SDF::DictIterator::operator= ( const DictIterator other)
SDF::Obj pdftron::SDF::DictIterator::Value ( )
the value of the current dictionary entry.

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