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pdftron::PDF::XODOutputOptions Class Reference

#include <Convert.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for pdftron::PDF::XODOutputOptions:

Public Types

enum  AnnotationOutputFlag { e_internal_xfdf, e_external_xfdf, e_flatten }
- Public Types inherited from pdftron::PDF::XPSOutputCommonOptions
enum  OverprintPreviewMode { e_op_off = 0, e_op_on, e_op_pdfx_on }

Public Member Functions

void SetOutputThumbnails (bool include_thumbs)
void SetThumbnailSize (UInt32 size)
void SetThumbnailSize (UInt32 regular_size, UInt32 large_size)
void SetElementLimit (UInt32 element_limit)
void SetOpacityMaskWorkaround (bool opacity_render)
void SetMaximumImagePixels (UInt32 max_pixels)
void SetFlattenContent (enum Convert::FlattenFlag flatten)
void SetFlattenThreshold (enum Convert::FlattenThresholdFlag threshold)
void SetPreferJPG (bool prefer_jpg)
void SetJPGQuality (UInt32 quality)
void SetSilverlightTextWorkaround (bool workaround)
void SetAnnotationOutput (enum AnnotationOutputFlag annot_output)
void SetExternalParts (bool generate)
void SetEncryptPassword (const char *pass)
void UseSilverlightFlashCompatible (bool compatible)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pdftron::PDF::XPSOutputCommonOptions
 XPSOutputCommonOptions ()
void SetPrintMode (bool print_mode)
void SetDPI (UInt32 dpi)
void SetRenderPages (bool render)
void SetThickenLines (bool thicken)
void GenerateURLLinks (bool generate)
void SetOverprint (enum OverprintPreviewMode mode)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from pdftron::PDF::XPSOutputCommonOptions
TRN_Obj m_obj
- Protected Attributes inherited from pdftron::PDF::XPSOutputCommonOptions
SDF::ObjSet m_objset

Detailed Description

A class containing options for ToXod functions

Definition at line 1173 of file Convert.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 1177 of file Convert.h.

Member Function Documentation

void pdftron::PDF::XODOutputOptions::SetAnnotationOutput ( enum AnnotationOutputFlag  annot_output)

Choose how to output annotations. Default is e_internal_xfdf.

annot_outputthe flag to specify the output option
void pdftron::PDF::XODOutputOptions::SetElementLimit ( UInt32  element_limit)

If rendering is permitted, sets the maximum number of page elements before that page will be rendered. Default is 2000000000 which will never cause pages to be completely rendered in this manner.

element_limitthe maximum number of elements before a given page will be rendered
void pdftron::PDF::XODOutputOptions::SetEncryptPassword ( const char *  pass)

Encrypt XOD parts with AES 128 encryption using the supplied password. This option is not available when using SetExternalParts(true)

passthe encryption password
void pdftron::PDF::XODOutputOptions::SetExternalParts ( bool  generate)

Output XOD as a collection of loose files rather than a zip archive. This option should be used when using the external part retriever in Webviewer. Default is false.

generateif true XOD is output as a collection of loose files
void pdftron::PDF::XODOutputOptions::SetFlattenContent ( enum Convert::FlattenFlag  flatten)

Flatten images and paths into a single background image overlaid with vector text. This option can be used to improve speed on devices with little processing power such as iPads. Default is e_high_quality.

flattenselect which flattening mode to use.
void pdftron::PDF::XODOutputOptions::SetFlattenThreshold ( enum Convert::FlattenThresholdFlag  threshold)

Used to control how precise or relaxed text flattening is. When some text is preserved (not flattened to image) the visual appearance of the document may be altered.

thresholdthe threshold setting to use.
void pdftron::PDF::XODOutputOptions::SetJPGQuality ( UInt32  quality)

Specifies the compression quality to use when generating JPEG images.

qualitythe JPEG compression quality, from 0(highest compression) to 100(best quality).
void pdftron::PDF::XODOutputOptions::SetMaximumImagePixels ( UInt32  max_pixels)

Specifies the maximum image slice size in pixels. Default is 2000000.

This setting now will no longer reduce the total number of image pixels. Instead a lower value will just produce more slices and vice versa.
Since image compression works better with more pixels a larger max pixels should generally create smaller files.
max_pixelsthe maximum number of pixels an image can have
void pdftron::PDF::XODOutputOptions::SetOpacityMaskWorkaround ( bool  opacity_render)

If rendering is permitted, sets whether pages containing opacity masks should be rendered. This option is used as a workaround to a bug in Silverlight where opacity masks are transformed incorrectly. Default is false.

opacity_renderif true pages with opacity masks will be rendered
void pdftron::PDF::XODOutputOptions::SetOutputThumbnails ( bool  include_thumbs)

Sets whether per page thumbnails should be included in the file. Default is true.

include_thumbsif true thumbnails will be included
void pdftron::PDF::XODOutputOptions::SetPreferJPG ( bool  prefer_jpg)

Where possible output JPG files rather than PNG. This will apply to both thumbnails and document images. Default is true.

prefer_jpgif true JPG images will be used whenever possible.
void pdftron::PDF::XODOutputOptions::SetSilverlightTextWorkaround ( bool  workaround)

Outputs rotated text as paths. This option is used as a workaround to a bug in Silverlight where pages with rotated text could cause the plugin to crash. Default is false.

workaroundif true rotated text will be changed to paths
void pdftron::PDF::XODOutputOptions::SetThumbnailSize ( UInt32  size)

The width and height of a square in which thumbnails will be contained. Default is 400 for normal pages and 1500 for large pages.

A large page is a page larger than twice the area of the standard page size (8.5 X 11).
sizethe maximum dimension (width or height) that thumbnails will have.
void pdftron::PDF::XODOutputOptions::SetThumbnailSize ( UInt32  regular_size,
UInt32  large_size 

The width and height of squares in which thumbnails will be contained. Default is 400 for normal pages and 1500 for large pages.

A large page is a page larger than twice the area of the standard page size (8.5 X 11).
regular_sizethe maximum dimension that thumbnails for regular size pages will have.
large_sizethe maximum dimension that thumbnails for large pages will have.
void pdftron::PDF::XODOutputOptions::UseSilverlightFlashCompatible ( bool  compatible)

The latest XOD format is only partially supported in Silverlight and Flash due to various optimizations in the text format and the addition of blend mode support. This option forces the converter to use an older version of XOD that is Silverlight/Flash compatible but does not have these improvements. By default the latest XOD format is generated.

compatibleif true will use the older XOD format which is not compatible with Silverlight/Flash

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