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pdftron::PDF::TrustVerificationResult Class Reference

#include <TrustVerificationResult.h>

Public Member Functions

 TrustVerificationResult (const TrustVerificationResult &other)
TrustVerificationResultoperator= (const TrustVerificationResult &other)
 ~TrustVerificationResult ()
void Destroy ()
bool WasSuccessful () const
UString GetResultString () const
Int64 GetTimeOfTrustVerification () const
VerificationOptions::TimeMode GetTimeOfTrustVerificationEnum () const
bool HasEmbeddedTimestampVerificationResult () const
EmbeddedTimestampVerificationResult GetEmbeddedTimestampVerificationResult ()
< Crypto::X509Certificate
GetCertPath () const
 TrustVerificationResult (TRN_TrustVerificationResult impl)

Public Attributes

TRN_TrustVerificationResult m_impl

Detailed Description

The detailed result of a trust verification step of a verification operation performed on a digital signature.

Definition at line 23 of file TrustVerificationResult.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::PDF::TrustVerificationResult::TrustVerificationResult ( const TrustVerificationResult other)
pdftron::PDF::TrustVerificationResult::~TrustVerificationResult ( )
pdftron::PDF::TrustVerificationResult::TrustVerificationResult ( TRN_TrustVerificationResult  impl)

Member Function Documentation

void pdftron::PDF::TrustVerificationResult::Destroy ( )
std::vector<Crypto::X509Certificate> pdftron::PDF::TrustVerificationResult::GetCertPath ( ) const

Retrieves the certificate path that was used for verification.

a container of X509Certificate objects
EmbeddedTimestampVerificationResult pdftron::PDF::TrustVerificationResult::GetEmbeddedTimestampVerificationResult ( )

Returns the detailed timestamp result inside this TrustVerificationResult. One must call HasEmbeddedTimestampVerificationResult first to check whether the result is available.

an EmbeddedTimestampVerificationResult object.
UString pdftron::PDF::TrustVerificationResult::GetResultString ( ) const

Retrieves a string representation of the details of the trust verification status.

A string.
Output may change in future versions.
Int64 pdftron::PDF::TrustVerificationResult::GetTimeOfTrustVerification ( ) const

Retrieves the reference-time used for trust verification as an epoch time.

An integral value representing an epoch time.
VerificationOptions::TimeMode pdftron::PDF::TrustVerificationResult::GetTimeOfTrustVerificationEnum ( ) const

Retrieves the type of reference-time used for trust verification.

An enumerated value representing the type of reference-time used for trust verification.
bool pdftron::PDF::TrustVerificationResult::HasEmbeddedTimestampVerificationResult ( ) const

Returns whether this TrustVerificationResult has a detailed timestamp result inside.

a boolean value representing whether this TrustVerificationResult has a detailed timestamp result inside.
TrustVerificationResult& pdftron::PDF::TrustVerificationResult::operator= ( const TrustVerificationResult other)
bool pdftron::PDF::TrustVerificationResult::WasSuccessful ( ) const

Retrieves the trust verification status.

A boolean representing whether or not the trust verification operation was successful. Whether trust-related warnings are treated as errors or not depend on the VerificationOptions used for the verification operation.

Member Data Documentation

TRN_TrustVerificationResult pdftron::PDF::TrustVerificationResult::m_impl

Definition at line 92 of file TrustVerificationResult.h.

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