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pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions Class Reference

#include <Convert.h>

Public Member Functions

 TiffOutputOptions ()
void SetBox (enum Page::Box type)
void SetRotate (enum Page::Rotate rotation)
void SetClip (double x1, double y1, double x2, double y2)
void SetPages (const char *page_desc)
void SetOverprint (enum PDFRasterizer::OverprintPreviewMode mode)
void SetCMYK (bool enable)
void SetDither (bool enable)
void SetGray (bool enable)
void SetMono (bool enable)
void SetAnnots (bool enable)
void SetSmooth (bool enable)
void SetPrintmode (bool enable)
void SetTransparentPage (bool enable)
void SetPalettized (bool enable)
void SetDPI (double dpi)
void SetGamma (double gamma)
void SetHRes (int hres)
void SetVRes (int vres)

Protected Attributes

TRN_Obj m_obj
SDF::ObjSet m_objset


class Convert

Detailed Description

A class containing options for ToTiff functions

Definition at line 1788 of file Convert.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::TiffOutputOptions ( )

Creates an TiffOutputOptions object with default settings

Member Function Documentation

void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetAnnots ( bool  enable)

Enables or disables drawing of annotations.

This option is enabled by default.

void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetBox ( enum Page::Box  type)

Specifies the page box/region to rasterize. Possible values are media, crop, trim, bleed, and art. By default, page crop region will be rasterized.

void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetClip ( double  x1,
double  y1,
double  x2,
double  y2 

User definable clip box. By default, the clip region is identical to current page 'box'.

void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetCMYK ( bool  enable)

Render and export the image in CMYK mode. By default, the image is rendered and exported in RGB color space.

void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetDither ( bool  enable)

Enables dithering when the image is exported in palletized or monochrome mode.

This option is disabled by default.

void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetDPI ( double  dpi)

The output resolution, from 1 to 1000, in Dots Per Inch (DPI). The higher the DPI, the larger the image. Resolutions larger than 1000 DPI can be achieved by rendering image in tiles or stripes. The default resolution is 92 DPI.

void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetGamma ( double  gamma)

Sets the gamma factor used for anti-aliased rendering. Typical values are in the range from 0.1 to 3. Gamma correction can be used to improve the quality of anti-aliased image output and can (to some extent) decrease the appearance common anti-aliasing artifacts (such as pixel width lines between polygons). The default gamma is 0.

void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetGray ( bool  enable)

Render and export the image in grayscale mode. Sets pixel format to 8 bits per pixel grayscale. By default, the image is rendered and exported in RGB color space.

void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetHRes ( int  hres)

Sets the width of the output image, in pixels.

void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetMono ( bool  enable)

Export the rendered image as 1 bit per pixel (monochrome) image. The image will be compressed using G4 CCITT compression algorithm. By default, the image is not dithered. To enable dithering use 'SetDither' option. This option is disabled by default.

void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetOverprint ( enum PDFRasterizer::OverprintPreviewMode  mode)

Enable or disable support for overprint and overprint simulation. Overprint is a device dependent feature and the results will vary depending on the output color space and supported colorants (i.e. CMYK, CMYK+spot, RGB, etc). Default is e_op_pdfx_on.

ope_op_on: always enabled; e_op_off: always disabled; e_op_pdfx_on: enabled for PDF/X files only.
void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetPages ( const char *  page_desc)

Specifies the list of pages to convert. By default, all pages are converted.

void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetPalettized ( bool  enable)

Enabled the output of palettized TIFFs.

This option is disabled by default.

void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetPrintmode ( bool  enable)

Renders annotations in the print mode. This option can be used to render 'Print Only' annotations and to hide 'Screen Only' annotations.

This option is disabled by default.

void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetRotate ( enum Page::Rotate  rotation)

Rotates all pages by a given number of degrees counterclockwise. The allowed values are 0, 90, 180, and 270. The default value is 0.

void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetSmooth ( bool  enable)

Enables or disables image smoothing (default: enabled).

void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetTransparentPage ( bool  enable)

Sets the page color to transparent. By default, Convert assumes that the page is drawn directly on an opaque white surface. Some applications may need to draw the page on a different backdrop. In this case any pixels that are not covered during rendering will be transparent.

This option is disabled by default.

void pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::SetVRes ( int  vres)

Sets the height of the output image, in pixels.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Convert

Definition at line 1948 of file Convert.h.

Member Data Documentation

TRN_Obj pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::m_obj

Definition at line 1947 of file Convert.h.

SDF::ObjSet pdftron::PDF::TiffOutputOptions::m_objset

Definition at line 1949 of file Convert.h.

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