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pdftron::PDF::Struct::STree Class Reference

#include <STree.h>

Public Member Functions

 STree (SDF::Obj struct_dict)
 STree (const STree &)
STreeoperator= (const STree &)
void Insert (class SElement &kid, int insert_before)
bool IsValid () const
int GetNumKids ()
class SElement GetKid (int index)
class SElement GetElement (const char *id_buf, int id_buf_sz)
RoleMap GetRoleMap () const
class ClassMap GetClassMap () const
SDF::Obj GetSDFObj () const
 STree ()

Static Public Member Functions

static STree Create (PDF::PDFDoc &doc)

Detailed Description

STree is the root of the structure tree, which is a central repository for information related to a PDF document's logical structure. There is at most one structure tree in each document.

Definition at line 20 of file STree.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::PDF::Struct::STree::STree ( SDF::Obj  struct_dict)

Initialize a STree using an existing low-level Cos/SDF object.

struct_dict- a low-level (SDF/Cos) dictionary representing the .
This constructor does not copy any data, but is instead the logical equivalent of a type cast.
pdftron::PDF::Struct::STree::STree ( const STree )
pdftron::PDF::Struct::STree::STree ( )

Member Function Documentation

static STree pdftron::PDF::Struct::STree::Create ( PDF::PDFDoc doc)

Create a structure tree if it is missing, else return the existing structure tree

docthe document in which to create or get the structure tree from
structure tree of the document
class ClassMap pdftron::PDF::Struct::STree::GetClassMap ( ) const
the ClassMap object from the structure tree root.
class SElement pdftron::PDF::Struct::STree::GetElement ( const char *  id_buf,
int  id_buf_sz 
the element associated with the given ID.
id_bufA pointer to a buffer containing the ID to search for.
id_buf_szThe number of characters in id_buf.
class SElement pdftron::PDF::Struct::STree::GetKid ( int  index)
The kid at an array index in the structure tree root.
indexThe index of the kid to obtain.
int pdftron::PDF::Struct::STree::GetNumKids ( )
The number of kids of the structure tree root.
RoleMap pdftron::PDF::Struct::STree::GetRoleMap ( ) const
the RoleMap object from the structure tree root.
SDF::Obj pdftron::PDF::Struct::STree::GetSDFObj ( ) const
Pointer to the underlying SDF/Cos object.
void pdftron::PDF::Struct::STree::Insert ( class SElement kid,
int  insert_before 

Inserts the specified kid element after the given position as a kid of the specified structure tree root.

kidThe kid element to insert.
insert_beforeThe position after which the kid is inserted. If element currently has no kids, insert_before is ignored.
bool pdftron::PDF::Struct::STree::IsValid ( ) const
true if this is a valid STree object, false otherwise.
STree& pdftron::PDF::Struct::STree::operator= ( const STree )

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