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pdftron::PDF::Struct::AttrObj Class Reference

#include <AttrObj.h>

Public Member Functions

 AttrObj (SDF::Obj dict=SDF::Obj(0))
 AttrObj (const AttrObj &a)
AttrObjoperator= (const AttrObj &a)
const char * GetOwner () const
SDF::Obj GetSDFObj () const

Detailed Description

An application or plug-in extension that processes logical structure can attach additional information, called attributes, to any structure element. The attribute information is held in one or more attribute objects associated with the structure element. An attribute object is a dictionary or stream that includes an entry identifying the application or plug-in that owns the attribute information. Other entries represent the attributes: the keys are attribute names, and values are the corresponding attribute values.

Definition at line 24 of file AttrObj.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::PDF::Struct::AttrObj::AttrObj ( SDF::Obj  dict = SDF::Obj(0))

Initialize a AttrObj using an existing low-level Cos/SDF object.

dict- a low-level (SDF/Cos) dictionary representing the attribute object.
This constructor does not copy any data, but is instead the logical equivalent of a type cast.
pdftron::PDF::Struct::AttrObj::AttrObj ( const AttrObj a)

Member Function Documentation

const char* pdftron::PDF::Struct::AttrObj::GetOwner ( ) const
The name of the application or plug-in extension owning the attribute data.
SDF::Obj pdftron::PDF::Struct::AttrObj::GetSDFObj ( ) const
Pointer to the underlying SDF/Cos object.
AttrObj& pdftron::PDF::Struct::AttrObj::operator= ( const AttrObj a)

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