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pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions Class Reference

#include <Convert.h>

Public Member Functions

 SVGOutputOptions ()
void SetEmbedImages (bool embed_images)
void SetNoFonts (bool no_fonts)
void SetSvgFonts (bool svg_fonts)
void SetEmbedFonts (bool embed_fonts)
void SetNoUnicode (bool no_unicode)
void SetIndividualCharPlacement (bool individual_char_placement)
void SetRemoveCharPlacement (bool remove_char_placement)
void SetFlattenContent (enum Convert::FlattenFlag flatten)
void SetFlattenThreshold (enum Convert::FlattenThresholdFlag threshold)
void SetFlattenDPI (UInt32 dpi)
void SetFlattenMaximumImagePixels (UInt32 max_pixels)
void SetCompress (bool svgz)
void SetOutputThumbnails (bool include_thumbs)
void SetThumbnailSize (UInt32 size)
void SetCreateXmlWrapper (bool xml)
void SetDtd (bool dtd)
void SetAnnots (bool annots)
void SetOverprint (PDFRasterizer::OverprintPreviewMode mode)

Protected Attributes

TRN_Obj m_obj
SDF::ObjSet m_objset


class Convert

Detailed Description

A class containing options for ToSvg functions

Definition at line 1647 of file Convert.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SVGOutputOptions ( )

Creates an SVGOutputOptions object with default settings

Member Function Documentation

void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetAnnots ( bool  annots)

Control generation of form fields and annotations in SVG.

annotsif false, no form fields or annotations are converted. Default is true
void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetCompress ( bool  svgz)

Compress output SVG files using SVGZ.

svgzif true, SVG files are written in compressed format. Default is false.
void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetCreateXmlWrapper ( bool  xml)

Create a XML document that contains metadata of the SVG document created.

xmlif true, XML wrapper is created. Default is true.
void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetDtd ( bool  dtd)

Set whether the DTD declaration is included in the SVG files.

dtdif false, no DTD is added to SVG files. Default is true.
void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetEmbedFonts ( bool  embed_fonts)

Sets whether to embed fonts into each SVG page file, or to have them shared.

embed_fontsif true, fonts are injected into each SVG page. Otherwise they are created as separate files that are shared between SVG pages. Default is false.
void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetEmbedImages ( bool  embed_images)

Sets whether to embed all images

embed_imagesif true, images will be embedded. Default is false.
void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetFlattenContent ( enum Convert::FlattenFlag  flatten)

Flatten images and paths into a single background image overlaid with vector text. This option can be used to improve speed on devices with little processing power such as iPads. Default is e_fast.

flattenselect which flattening mode to use.
void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetFlattenDPI ( UInt32  dpi)

The output resolution, from 1 to 1000, in Dots Per Inch (DPI) at which to render elements which cannot be directly converted. Default is 140.

dpithe resolution in Dots Per Inch
void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetFlattenMaximumImagePixels ( UInt32  max_pixels)

Specifies the maximum image slice size in pixels. Default is 2000000.

This setting now will no longer reduce the total number of image pixels. Instead a lower value will just produce more slices and vice versa.
Since image compression works better with more pixels a larger max pixels should generally create smaller files.
max_pixelsthe maximum number of pixels an image can have
void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetFlattenThreshold ( enum Convert::FlattenThresholdFlag  threshold)

Used to control how precise or relaxed text flattening is. When some text is preserved (not flattened to image) the visual appearance of the document may be altered.

thresholdthe threshold setting to use.
void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetIndividualCharPlacement ( bool  individual_char_placement)

Some viewers do not support the default text positioning correctly. This option works around this issue to place text correctly, but produces verbose output. This option will override SetRemoveCharPlacement

individual_char_placementif true, text will be positioned correctly
void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetNoFonts ( bool  no_fonts)

Sets whether to disable conversion of font data to SVG

no_fontsif true, font data conversion is disabled. Default is false.
void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetNoUnicode ( bool  no_unicode)

Sets whether to disable mapping of text to public Unicode region. Instead text will be converted using a custom encoding

no_unicodeif true, mapping of text to public Unicode region is disabled
void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetOutputThumbnails ( bool  include_thumbs)

Sets whether per page thumbnails should be included in the file. Default is true.

include_thumbsif true thumbnails will be included
void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetOverprint ( PDFRasterizer::OverprintPreviewMode  mode)

Enable or disable support for overprint and overprint simulation. Overprint is a device dependent feature and the results will vary depending on the output color space and supported colorants (i.e. CMYK, CMYK+spot, RGB, etc). Default is e_op_pdfx_on.

ope_op_on: always enabled; e_op_off: always disabled; e_op_pdfx_on: enabled for PDF/X files only.
void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetRemoveCharPlacement ( bool  remove_char_placement)

Sets whether to disable the output of character positions. This will produce slightly smaller output files than the default setting, but many viewers do not support the output correctly

remove_char_placementif true, the output of character positions is disabled
void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetSvgFonts ( bool  svg_fonts)

Sets whether to convert all fonts to SVG or not.

svg_fontsif true, fonts are converted to SVG. Otherwise they are converted to OpenType. Default is false.
void pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::SetThumbnailSize ( UInt32  size)

The maximum dimension for thumbnails.

sizethe maximum dimension (width or height) that thumbnails will have. Default is 400.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Convert

Definition at line 1781 of file Convert.h.

Member Data Documentation

TRN_Obj pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::m_obj

Definition at line 1780 of file Convert.h.

SDF::ObjSet pdftron::PDF::SVGOutputOptions::m_objset

Definition at line 1782 of file Convert.h.

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