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pdftron::PDF::DisallowedChange Class Reference

#include <DisallowedChange.h>

Public Types

enum  Type {
  e_form_filled = 0, e_digital_signature_signed = 1, e_page_template_instantiated = 2, e_annotation_created_or_updated_or_deleted = 3,
  e_other = 4, e_unknown = 5

Public Member Functions

 DisallowedChange ()
 DisallowedChange (const DisallowedChange &other)
 DisallowedChange (TRN_DisallowedChange impl)
DisallowedChangeoperator= (const DisallowedChange &other)
 ~DisallowedChange ()
void Destroy ()
UInt32 GetObjNum () const
Type GetType () const
UString GetTypeAsString () const

Public Attributes

TRN_DisallowedChange m_impl

Detailed Description

The class DisallowedChange. Data pertaining to a change detected in a document during a digital signature modification permissions verification step, the change bein g both made after the signature was signed, and disallowed by t he signature's permissions settings.

Definition at line 24 of file DisallowedChange.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation


Definition at line 28 of file DisallowedChange.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::PDF::DisallowedChange::DisallowedChange ( )
pdftron::PDF::DisallowedChange::DisallowedChange ( const DisallowedChange other)
pdftron::PDF::DisallowedChange::DisallowedChange ( TRN_DisallowedChange  impl)
pdftron::PDF::DisallowedChange::~DisallowedChange ( )

Member Function Documentation

void pdftron::PDF::DisallowedChange::Destroy ( )
UInt32 pdftron::PDF::DisallowedChange::GetObjNum ( ) const

Returns the SDF object number of the indirect object associated with this DisallowedChange.

An unsigned 32-bit integer value.
Type pdftron::PDF::DisallowedChange::GetType ( ) const

Returns an enumeration value representing the semantic type of this disallowed change.

An enumeration value of type: Type of DisallowedChange.
UString pdftron::PDF::DisallowedChange::GetTypeAsString ( ) const

Returns a string value representing the semantic type of this disallowed change.

A string.
DisallowedChange& pdftron::PDF::DisallowedChange::operator= ( const DisallowedChange other)

Member Data Documentation

TRN_DisallowedChange pdftron::PDF::DisallowedChange::m_impl

Definition at line 68 of file DisallowedChange.h.

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