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pdftron::PDF::ContentReplacer Class Reference

#include <ContentReplacer.h>

Public Member Functions

 ContentReplacer ()
 ~ContentReplacer ()
void AddImage (const Rect &target_region, SDF::Obj replacement_image)
void AddText (const Rect &target_region, const UString &replacement_text)
void AddString (const UString &template_text, const UString &replacement_text)
void SetMatchStrings (const UString &start_str, const UString &end_str)
void Process (Page &page)
void Destroy ()

Public Attributes

TRN_ContentReplacer mp_impl

Detailed Description

ContentReplacer is a utility class for replacing content (text and images) in existing PDF (template) documents.

Users can replace content in a PDF page using the following operations:

  • Replace an image that exists in a target rectangle with a replacement image.
  • Replace text that exists in a target rectangle with replacement text.
  • Replace all instances of a specially marked string with replacement string.

The following code replaces an image in a target region. This code also replaces the text "[NAME]" and "[JOB_TITLE]" with "John Smith" and "Software Developer" respectively. Notice the square braces ('[' and ']') on the target strings in the original PDFDoc. These square braces are not included in the actual function calls below, as they're implicitly added.

* PDFDoc doc("../../TestFiles/BusinessCardTemplate.pdf");
* doc.InitSecurityHandler();
* ContentReplacer replacer;
* Page page = doc.GetPage(1);
* Image img = Image::Create(doc, "../../TestFiles/peppers.jpg");
* replacer.AddImage(page.GetMediaBox(), img.GetSDFObj());
* replacer.AddString("NAME", "John Smith");
* replacer.AddString("JOB_TITLE", "Software Developer");
* replacer.Process(page);

Definition at line 40 of file ContentReplacer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::PDF::ContentReplacer::ContentReplacer ( )

Create a new ContentReplacer object, to which replacement rules will be added. The same object can be used to 'Process' multiple pages.

pdftron::PDF::ContentReplacer::~ContentReplacer ( )

Member Function Documentation

void pdftron::PDF::ContentReplacer::AddImage ( const Rect target_region,
SDF::Obj  replacement_image 

Replace the image that best fits into 'target_region' with 'replacement_image'.

target_region- The rectangle defining the area in which an image that best fits the rectangle will be replaced by 'replacement_image'.
replacement_image- The 'SDF.Obj' of a 'PDF.Image' object.
The best fit is the image that closest matches 'target_region'. For example if there are two images on the page, one taking up all of the page, and the other smaller, and the smaller one has similar dimensions and position of 'target_region', then the smaller image would be replaced, not the larger. Furthermore, if 'target_region' encloses multiple images, then only the image with the largest area in 'target_region' will be replaced.
void pdftron::PDF::ContentReplacer::AddString ( const UString template_text,
const UString replacement_text 

Any text of the form "[template_text]" will be replaced by "replacement_text".

template_text- The text to remove.
replacement_text- The new text that will appear in place of 'template_text'.
Only text wrapped in '[' and ']' will be checked, and if it matches 'template_text', then 'template_text' and the surrounding square braces will be replaced by 'replacement_text'. For example AddString("TITLE", "Doctor") will replace any text consisting of "[TITLE]" with "Doctor".
void pdftron::PDF::ContentReplacer::AddText ( const Rect target_region,
const UString replacement_text 

All text inside 'target_region' will be deleted and replaced with 'replacement_text'.

target_region- The rectangle defining the area in which all text will be replaced by 'replacement_text'.
replacement_text- The new text that will replace the existing text in 'target_region'.
The 'replacement_text' will be styled in the same font/color/style that is used by the original text. If there are multiple font styles, the most prevalent style will be used. Also, the 'replacement_text' will wrap within the 'target_region', but if it is too long, the overflow text will not be visible, and no surrounding content will be affected.
void pdftron::PDF::ContentReplacer::Destroy ( )

Frees the native memory of the object.

void pdftron::PDF::ContentReplacer::Process ( Page page)

Apply the replacement instructions to the target page. Subsequent calls to 'Process' can be made on other pages, and it will apply the same rules.

page- The page to apply the content replacement instructions to.
void pdftron::PDF::ContentReplacer::SetMatchStrings ( const UString start_str,
const UString end_str 

Change the delimiters from '[' and ']' to arbitary strings.

start_str- The starting delimiter string.
end_str- The ending delimiter string.
While empty strings are allowed as delimiters, a warning is displayed. Otherwise there are no restrictions. For example, after SetMatchStrings("<<", ">>"), AddString("TITLE", "Doctor") will replace any text consisting of "<<TITLE>>" with "Doctor". Similarly, after SetMatchStrings("Beginning...", "...ending."), AddString("TITLE", "Doctor") will replace "Beginning...TITLE...ending." with "Doctor".

Member Data Documentation

TRN_ContentReplacer pdftron::PDF::ContentReplacer::mp_impl

Definition at line 128 of file ContentReplacer.h.

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