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pdftron::PDF::Annots::Polygon Class Reference

#include <PolyLine.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for pdftron::PDF::Annots::Polygon:

Public Member Functions

 Polygon (SDF::Obj d=0)
 Polygon (const Annot &ann)
 Polygon (TRN_Annot polyline)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pdftron::PDF::Annots::PolyLine
 PolyLine (SDF::Obj d=0)
 PolyLine (const Annot &ann)
int GetVertexCount () const
Point GetVertex (int idx) const
void SetVertex (int idx, const Point &pt)
IntentType GetIntentName () const
void SetIntentName (IntentType mode)
 PolyLine (TRN_Annot polyline)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pdftron::PDF::Annots::Line
 Line (SDF::Obj d=0)
 Line (const Annot &ann)
Point GetStartPoint () const
void SetStartPoint (const Point &sp)
Point GetEndPoint () const
void SetEndPoint (const Point &ep)
EndingStyle GetStartStyle () const
void SetStartStyle (EndingStyle sst)
EndingStyle GetEndStyle () const
void SetEndStyle (EndingStyle est)
double GetLeaderLineLength () const
void SetLeaderLineLength (const double &length)
double GetLeaderLineExtensionLength () const
void SetLeaderLineExtensionLength (const double &length)
bool GetShowCaption () const
void SetShowCaption (bool showCaption)
IntentType GetIntentType () const
void SetIntentType (IntentType it)
double GetLeaderLineOffset () const
void SetLeaderLineOffset (double length)
CapPos GetCaptionPosition () const
void SetCaptionPosition (const CapPos &style)
double GetTextHOffset () const
void SetTextHOffset (double offset)
double GetTextVOffset () const
void SetTextVOffset (double offset)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pdftron::PDF::Annots::Markup
 Markup (SDF::Obj d=0)
 Markup (const Annot &ann)
UString GetTitle ()
void SetTitle (const UString &title)
void SetTitle (const char *title)
Popup GetPopup () const
void SetPopup (const Popup &ppup)
double GetOpacity () const
void SetOpacity (double op)
UString GetSubject () const
void SetSubject (const UString &contents)
Date GetCreationDates () const
void SetCreationDates (const Date &dt)
BorderEffect GetBorderEffect () const
void SetBorderEffect (BorderEffect effect=e_None)
double GetBorderEffectIntensity () const
void SetBorderEffectIntensity (double intensity=0)
ColorPt GetInteriorColor () const
int GetInteriorColorCompNum () const
void SetInteriorColor (const ColorPt &c, int CompNum)
Rect GetContentRect () const
void SetContentRect (const Rect &cr)
Rect GetPadding () const
void SetPadding (const Rect &rd)
void SetPadding (double x)
void RotateAppearance (double angle)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pdftron::PDF::Annot
 Annot (SDF::Obj d=0)
 Annot (const Annot &d)
Annotoperator= (const Annot &d)
bool operator== (const Annot &d)
bool IsValid () const
SDF::Obj GetSDFObj () const
Type GetType () const
Rect GetRect () const
Rect GetVisibleContentBox () const
bool IsMarkup () const
void SetRect (const Rect &pos)
Page GetPage () const
void SetPage (const Page &page)
SDF::Obj GetUniqueID () const
void SetUniqueID (const char *id, int id_buf_sz=0)
Date GetDate () const
void SetDate (const Date &date)
bool GetFlag (Flag flag) const
void SetFlag (Flag flag, bool value)
SDF::Obj GetTriggerAction (Annot::ActionTriggerEvent trigger)
BorderStyle GetBorderStyle () const
void SetBorderStyle (const BorderStyle &bs, bool oldStyleOnly=false)
SDF::Obj GetAppearance (AnnotationState annot_state=e_normal, const char *app_state=0)
void SetAppearance (SDF::Obj app_stream, AnnotationState annot_state=e_normal, const char *app_state=0)
void RemoveAppearance (AnnotationState annot_state=e_normal, const char *app_state=0)
void Flatten (class Page page)
const char * GetActiveAppearanceState () const
void SetActiveAppearanceState (const char *astate)
ColorPt GetColorAsRGB () const
ColorPt GetColorAsCMYK () const
ColorPt GetColorAsGray () const
int GetColorCompNum () const
void SetColor (const ColorPt &col, int numcomp=3)
int GetStructParent () const
void SetStructParent (const int parkeyval)
SDF::Obj GetOptionalContent () const
void SetOptionalContent (SDF::Obj content)
void SetContents (const UString &contents)
UString GetContents () const
int GetRotation () const
void SetRotation (int angle)
void RefreshAppearance ()
void RefreshAppearance (const RefreshOptions &options)
UString GetCustomData (const UString &key) const
void SetCustomData (const UString &key, const UString &value)
void DeleteCustomData (const UString &key)
void Resize (const Rect &newrect)
ptrdiff_t GetHandleInternal ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Polygon Create (SDF::SDFDoc &doc, const Rect &pos)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from pdftron::PDF::Annots::PolyLine
static PolyLine Create (SDF::SDFDoc &doc, const Rect &pos)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from pdftron::PDF::Annots::Line
static Line Create (SDF::SDFDoc &doc, const Rect &pos)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from pdftron::PDF::Annot
static Annot Create (SDF::SDFDoc &doc, Type type, const Rect &pos)
static AnnotCreateInternal (ptrdiff_t impl)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from pdftron::PDF::Annots::PolyLine
enum  IntentType { e_PolygonCloud, e_PolyLineDimension, e_PolygonDimension, e_Unknown }
- Public Types inherited from pdftron::PDF::Annots::Line
enum  EndingStyle {
  e_Square, e_Circle, e_Diamond, e_OpenArrow,
  e_ClosedArrow, e_Butt, e_ROpenArrow, e_RClosedArrow,
  e_Slash, e_None, e_Unknown
enum  IntentType { e_LineArrow, e_LineDimension, e_null }
enum  CapPos { e_Inline, e_Top }
- Public Types inherited from pdftron::PDF::Annots::Markup
enum  BorderEffect { e_None, e_Cloudy }
- Public Types inherited from pdftron::PDF::Annot
enum  Type {
  e_Text, e_Link, e_FreeText, e_Line,
  e_Square, e_Circle, e_Polygon, e_Polyline,
  e_Highlight, e_Underline, e_Squiggly, e_StrikeOut,
  e_Stamp, e_Caret, e_Ink, e_Popup,
  e_FileAttachment, e_Sound, e_Movie, e_Widget,
  e_Screen, e_PrinterMark, e_TrapNet, e_Watermark,
  e_3D, e_Redact, e_Projection, e_RichMedia,
enum  Flag {
  e_invisible, e_hidden, e_print, e_no_zoom,
  e_no_rotate, e_no_view, e_read_only, e_locked,
  e_toggle_no_view, e_locked_contents
enum  ActionTriggerEvent {
  e_action_trigger_activate = 0, e_action_trigger_annot_enter = 1, e_action_trigger_annot_exit = 2, e_action_trigger_annot_down = 3,
  e_action_trigger_annot_up = 4, e_action_trigger_annot_focus = 5, e_action_trigger_annot_blur = 6, e_action_trigger_annot_page_open = 7,
  e_action_trigger_annot_page_close = 8, e_action_trigger_annot_page_visible = 9, e_action_trigger_annot_page_invisible = 10
enum  AnnotationState { e_normal, e_rollover, e_down }
typedef pdftron::PDF::BorderStyle BorderStyle

Detailed Description

Definition at line 125 of file PolyLine.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::PDF::Annots::Polygon::Polygon ( SDF::Obj  d = 0)

Creates a Polygon annotation and initializes it using given Cos/SDF object.

dThe Cos/SDF object to initialze the annotation with.
The constructor does not copy any data, but is instead the logical equivalent of a type cast.
pdftron::PDF::Annots::Polygon::Polygon ( const Annot ann)

Creates a Polygon annotation and initializes it using given annotation object.

annAnnot object used to initialize the Polygon annotation.
The constructor does not copy any data, but is instead the logical equivalent of a type cast.

Definition at line 142 of file PolyLine.h.

pdftron::PDF::Annots::Polygon::Polygon ( TRN_Annot  polyline)

Member Function Documentation

static Polygon pdftron::PDF::Annots::Polygon::Create ( SDF::SDFDoc doc,
const Rect pos 

Creates a new Polygon annotation in the specified document.

docA document to which the Polygon annotation is added.
posA rectangle specifying the Polygon annotation's bounds in default user space units.
A newly created blank Polygon annotation.

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