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pdftron::Filters::FlateEncode Class Reference

#include <FlateEncode.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for pdftron::Filters::FlateEncode:

Public Member Functions

 FlateEncode (Filter input_filter, int compression_level=-1, size_t buf_sz=256)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pdftron::Filters::Filter
 Filter ()
 ~Filter ()
 Filter (const Filter &copy)
Filteroperator= (const Filter &other)
 operator bool ()
void AttachFilter (Filter attach_filter)
Filter ReleaseAttachedFilter ()
Filter GetAttachedFilter ()
Filter GetSourceFilter ()
const char * GetName () const
const char * GetDecodeName () const
UCharBegin ()
size_t Size ()
void Consume (size_t num_bytes)
size_t Count ()
size_t SetCount (size_t new_count)
void SetStreamLength (size_t bytes)
void Flush ()
void FlushAll ()
bool IsInputFilter ()
bool CanSeek ()
void Seek (ptrdiff_t offset, ReferencePos origin)
ptrdiff_t Tell ()
Filter CreateInputIterator ()
const UString GetFilePath () const
void Destroy ()
void WriteToFile (const UString &path, bool append)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from pdftron::Filters::Filter
enum  ReferencePos { e_begin = SEEK_SET, e_end = SEEK_END, e_cur = SEEK_CUR }

Detailed Description

FlateEncode filter can be used to compress any data stream using Flate (i.e. ZIP) compression method.

Definition at line 19 of file FlateEncode.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pdftron::Filters::FlateEncode::FlateEncode ( Filter  input_filter,
int  compression_level = -1,
size_t  buf_sz = 256 

Constructor for Flate encoder.

input_filterthe input data stream
compression_levelmust be a number between 0 and 9: 1 gives best speed, 9 gives best compression, 0 gives no compression at all (the input data is simply copied a block at a time), -1 requests a default compromise between speed and compression (currently equivalent to level 6).
buf_szfilter buffer size (in bytes).

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