WebViewer JavaScript PDF Library & Document SDK

Embed & customize a first-class document viewing experience across devices and in all major browsers. Let users annotate and collaborate in real-time around PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and 30+ formats. Cut costs with WebViewer's innovative serverless and on-demand streaming technology.


Latest release: WebViewer 3.3 (July 31)


Accurate Rendering

Give your users a trustworthy representation of document information at any zoom level.

Works Everywhere

WebViewer is supported on all major browsers (IE 9-11 included) and web-optimized for responsive rendering on both desktop and mobile devices. WebViewer controls all rendering to ensure the document is the same in all browsers.

Preserve Security

Maintain control of documents with configurable security settings. Display encrypted documents, dynamically add watermarks, and remove download & print buttons to manage file distribution. Set granular role-based permissions for viewing, adding, editing, annotating, and more.

Works on Complex Files

Proven reliability in real-world scenarios, including the display of complex engineering drawings. Full layer management (OCGs), transparency support, overprint, and more.

Fast Loading

Optimized client-side rendering means minimal load times for even the largest of documents. Stream individual pages without downloading the entire file to minimize bandwidth and memory footprint.

Highly Scalable

Client-side rendering and serverless viewing moves resource utilization away from your servers, for rapid & cost-effective scaling.

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Annotation Toolbar

A customizable toolbar that includes the most popular annotation types for taking notes, making comments, adding shapes, highlights, freehand ink annotations, and more.

Multi-user Collaboration

Give an unlimited number of users the ability to collaborate simultaneously in real-time across devices and platforms.

Watermark Annotation

Programmatically or interactively stamp sensitive documents with watermarks to safeguard intellectual property, or classify document status. Full control over watermark location, font, opacity, and more.

Form Fill

Give your users the ability to submit forms in a browser. Support for all form field properties, including text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns, and signatures. Use JavaScript to validate inputs or calculate values to ensure data quality.

Hundreds of Features

Support current and future use cases with the most complete PDF & Office SDK on the market.

All Features

30+ File Formats

Support for 30+ file formats, including PDF, PDF/A, HTML, SVG, PNG, and Microsoft Office.

All File Formats

Documentation & Samples

Everything you need to quickly build a prototype, and for a great development experience.


Using PDFTron

PDFTron is easy to get up and running with popular package managers and a few lines of code.

Viewing a PDF
Creating an Annotation
Converting to Image
var myWebViewer = new PDFTron.WebViewer({
  path: 'lib',
  initialDoc: 'YOUR_FILE.pdf'
}, document.getElementById('viewer'));
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