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WebViewer – JavaScript PDF Library

Works on all browsers and mobile devices without using plug-ins.
Supports PDF, MS Office, and 30+ formats.


  • View, annotate, and collaborate in real-time
  • Watermark, stamp, form fill, sign, search, and more
  • Client-side PDF editing (without a server)
  • Document security, DRM, encryption, redaction
  • Overprint, ICC color management, color separation
  • PDF, MS Office, and 30+ formats

Fully Customizable

  • Customize & style the UI, or build your own
  • Create custom controls and logic
  • Integrate into your workflows
  • Robust API

Integrate Quickly Into Your Project

PDFTron is easy to get up and running with popular package managers and a few lines of code.

View a Document

Customize the UI

Create an Annotation

Add a stamp

Fill forms

import WebViewer from '@pdftron/webviewer'

const viewerElement = document.getElementById('viewer');
  path: '/webviewer/lib',
  initialDoc: '',
}, viewerElement).then((instance) => {
  // call apis here

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