Learn how you can simplify review and approval workflows in your software with the PDFTron SDK. In this 50-minute webinar, we’ll share with you real-world examples of how developers streamline review and approvals in their applications to help users increase throughput and efficiency. Examples of use cases include reviewing loan or business applications, marketing materials, construction job sites, and clinical documentation.

  • How users can upload and review over 30 file types in your application (across web, Android, iOS, and desktop apps)
  • Review / mark-up documents with 26 out-of-the-box annotations: highlight spelling errors, circle missing information, add a note and much more
  • Collaborate in real-time during review workflows by responding to comments in the document
  • Approve document changes with a stamp, by accepting annotation statuses or by adding a digitally signature
  • Set user permissions to define who can access, review and approve documents. Track changes and versions through audit trails
  • Tie in approvals with a back-end systems to automatically trigger new tasks for other users