Want to get a live update of what’s going on with PDFTron tech? Have a question you'd like to watch answered by an expert? Want to know how the PDFTron SDK works?
Watch this 45-minute webinar, where PDFTron’s Head of Product & Head of Solution Engineering, review our latest updates (all about redaction workflows), followed by a run-through of the SDK. They also answer any technical questions you might have about PDFTron.

The session covers:

  • A complete search and redact workflow to find any patterns like phone numbers, credit card numbers, or any regex pattern
  • Label support to specify the reason for redaction (PII, PHI, etc.)
  • New tool for full-page redaction
  • New panel for organizing placeholder redactions
  • How businesses are utilizing the technology
  • Integration & setup options
  • Getting started with your proof of concept
  • Q&A