Learn how companies like Thomson Reuters, Barclays, Wells Fargo, and others are using the PDFTron SDK to improve software in the financial sector. In this 55 minute webinar, we give examples of how you can provide clients with a better document viewing experience, streamline data capture, automate data extraction and much more.

  • Provide a better digital experience with a modern PDF viewer for viewing, annotating and collaborating on bank / investment statements in a web browser (IE 10+) or mobile platform
  • Simplify how you capture data for new product signups or loan applications by digitizing PDF forms: easily create or modify forms and give customers the ability to fill and submit forms in any application or website
  • Automate data extraction by pulling out customer data from documents and inserting into internal systems or by extracting content, text or tables from multiple sources and combining them into 1 document
  • Get documents signed faster by giving clients the ability to add verified digital signatures without coming into an office or bank branch.
  • Securely deliver documents to clients with document encryption. Prevent document sharing by overlaying personalized watermarks and removing document download and text selection options
  • And more: redacting sensitive information, UI customizations, document analysis & AI