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Industry Solutions

How PDFTron improves UX & adoption in Architecture, Engineering & Construction Software

Learn how companies like Trimble, Drawboard, Aconex, and others are using the PDFTron SDK to improve their user experience and software adoption.

How to add document collaboration to your app

Learn how you can add real-time document collaboration capabilities to your software with PDFTrons SDK.

How to improve document experience in Financial software

Learn how companies like Thomson Reuters, Barclasy, Wells Fargo, and others are using the PDFTron SDK to improve software in the financial sector.

PDFTron demo: Common use cases in Pharma applications

Learn how companies like Novartis, Veeva, eClinicalWorks, and others use the PDFTron SDK to improve trial performance and accelerate approval timelines.

Streamlining review & approval workflows in your app with PDFTron SDK

Learn how you can simplify review and approval workflows in your software with the PDFTron SDK.


Salesforce customization: Built-in, full-functioning document lifecycle capability

With our unique pure client-side JavaScript library, called WebViewer, all document processing functionality—viewing, editing, annotating, saving—all happens directly in the browser, without ever leaving the app.

Integrate customizable PDF/MS Office viewing and editing into Salesforce Lightning

Learn how you can deliver a superior document viewing and editing experience in Salesforce with PDFTron’s Salesforce-specific PDF Viewer.

Salesforce native document viewing, generating, collaborating, signing and editing capabilities

Empower full document functionality and usability inside Salesforce to streamline workflows, enhance the user experience, enable scalability, and safeguard data to reduce risk.


Webinar: The Future of .NET and Exploring Serverless Infrastructure

The Future of .NET and Exploring Serverless InfrastructureLearn about .NET frameworks, the benefits of going serverless, and what a fully client-side approach could look like to keep a competitive edge for your business.

WebViewer Video

Did you know 46% of organizations reported creating more than 50 videos in 2020? This was up from 13% in 2019, and represents a 254% increase YOY, according to Vidyard’s annual benchmark report.

PDFTron live tech update & run-through

Want to get a live update of what’s going on with PDFTron tech? Have a question you'd like answered by an expert? Want to know how the PDFTron SDK works? In this 45 minute webinar, we'll give a product update, outline the most common use cases and how the tech addresses them, and go over integration & setup options. Questions are welcome throughout the webinar, with a designated Q&A period at the end.

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