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Legal & Courts

Easily add accurate, reliable and fast document processing into your legal software, with a PDF SDK proven to handle the quantity and complexity of files used by today’s legal professionals.

Proven Stability and Market Reputation

Accurate, Reliable & Fast

Have confidence that complex documents will output quickly and flawlessly, even at 1GB+ or 10,000+ pages -- using a PDF rendering engine optimized for over 20 years. Eliminate risks from incomplete or missing information.

Many File Formats, Any Platform

Standardize on a universal document viewer and converter. Ensure identical viewing and annotation on PDF, MS Office and image format files across all major platforms. Take paperwork to court on a mobile device, or work from anywhere, including offline.

Find Information and Files Quickly

Quickly sift through documents by adding bookmarks, notes, and highlights. Link to other documents to show how they fit together. And power complex search by extracting text, annotations and hidden metadata at scale.

Fully Customizable UI/UX

Increase adoption and reduce errors by simplifying the open source UI for legal professionals. Easily customize annotations to integrate with existing systems, and trigger workflows.

Built-in Courts & Legal Features

PDF, MS Office and Image Viewing

Ensure reliable, high-fidelity rendering of PDF, MS Office file types and 30+ other formats on web, Android, iOS, UWP, and Windows apps. Support all modern browsers without needing plugins.

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Add All Standard Annotations

Drop in or remove all types of existing PDF annotations, including note, highlight, pen, stamp, photo, signature and shape tools, and more. Let users embed audio straight from a mobile device.

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Real-time Collaboration

Have annotations from many users appear on the same document in real time while preserving an original version of the file. Manage annotations in a separate XFDF layer. Add role-based permissions and an audit trail.

Bookmarks, Table of Contents & Links

Let users build and edit their own table of contents containing specific document locations -- or automate programmatically. Insert links that point to websites or jump to a specific page in a separate document.

Text Search

Quickly locate relevant content within a document or enable advanced search across many documents by extracting text, metadata, annotations, and form fields. Link directly to a relevant page or annotation, and highlight matches.

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Convert From 30+ Formats

Batch-convert documents or automate a document workflow. Add high-fidelity, multithreaded conversion to PDF, PDF/A, or image from 30+ file types including MS Office -- no external software or licenses required.

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Workflow Automation

Simplify warrant or order signing, process filings, archiving and more. Streamline document review and redaction. And separate out PDF markups for easy integration into any software system.


Embed free-form redaction in your app to let users permanently remove sensitive information from case documents. Add automated redaction to your workflows to search and anonymize confidential information.

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Document Manipulation and Assembly

Correct documents with features to split and merge files, and features to rotate, remove, crop and reorder pages. Stamp with an image, text, or a date. Manipulate documents programmatically or free-form by your users.

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Document Security

Prevent sensitive documents from being shared by overlaying a userID, timestamp and IP address when accessing files. Add document encryption and remove the ability to download, print or select text from a document.

Digital Signatures

Have users sign documents with hand-drawn digital ink or by uploading high-resolution images. And authenticate using embedded public-key cryptography and digital certificates.

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Add Even More Functionality

Speed time to market with the most complete PDF SDK on the market -- supporting all major platforms, 30+ file formats, and hundreds of other unique features.

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