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Accurate, reliable and fast document processing for the public sector - easily add viewing, annotations and document manipulation into your software.

Proven Stability and Market Reputation

Accurate & Secure Document Viewing

View meeting agendas, court documents or building permits in a browser or native app from anywhere -- no servers or plugins required. Enable quick and accurate viewing of complex documents on all modern browsers, including IE9 -- using a PDF rendering engine optimized for over 20 years.

Annotate on 30+ File Types

Let users add annotations to PDF, MS Office and image files across web, mobile, & desktop apps. Drop in pre-built annotations or create custom annotation that integrate with existing systems, and trigger workflows.

Improve Review & Approval Workflows

Deliver consolidated and formatted documents for review. Let users make notes, highlight text, use stamps and add digital signatures for approval. Release documents with permanently redacted personal information or archive into ISO-compliant PDF/A files.

Fully Customizable UI/UX

Increase adoption by simplifying UI for non-tech savvy users. Hide unnecessary features -- or add custom annotations that trigger workflows. Change colors and icons to match your desired look and feel.

Built-in Government Features

Add Annotations

Drop in any of the 26 pre-built PDF annotations, including note, highlight, pen, stamp, photo, signature and shape tools, and more. Create customized annotation appearances to add your own unique stamps and shapes to specialized workflows. Learn More

Version Control & Audit Trails

Keep notes, comments and other annotations separate from original documentation by storing annotations in a separate XFDF file. Add in approval logic, track changes in an audit trail, or merge annotations directly into documents.

Convert From 30+ Formats

Batch-convert documents or automate a document workflow. Add high-fidelity, multithreaded conversion to PDF, PDF/A, or image from 30+ file types including MS Office -- no external software or licenses required. Learn More

Real-time Collaboration

Upload PDFs, images, Word, Excel files and let users highlight, add shapes, make notes and respond to comments directly in a browser. Have multiple authors work on the same document at the same time while controlling who can view, edit and annotate files. Learn More

Document Security

Keep sensitive documents from leaving a meeting by overlaying a userID, timestamp and IP address when viewing files. Add document encryption and remove the ability to download, print or select text from a document.

PDF/A Conversion

Convert 30+ file formats into ISO-compliant PDF/A files that pass VeraPDF validation. Supports high volume batch conversions that can be integrated into your document workflow. Learn More

Document Manipulation

Add UI widgets that let users remove, rotate, reorder, split and crop documents. Programmatically remove sensitive or irrelevant pages. And auto-merge many documents, forms and reports into single PDFs. Learn More


Embed free-form redaction in your app to let users permanently remove sensitive information in tax or court documents. Build an automated workflow to search and anonymize personal information. Scrub documents of hidden XML form and text metadata. Learn More

Digital Signatures

Approve documents by adding a freehand signature in your app or by uploading a high-resolution image. Programmatically sign multiple documents with saved signatures. And authenticate signatures by embedding and extracting timestamps and certificates. Learn More

Interactive Forms

Pre-fill forms with data via an XFDF file. Bring forms onsite to capture data entirely client-side -- with no server or external dependencies. Extract data into a central database before flattening and time stamping. Learn More

Add Even More Functionality

Speed time to market with the most complete PDF SDK on the market -- supporting all major platforms, 30+ file formats, and hundreds of other unique features. Learn More

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