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C# .NET PDF Viewer

As a scroll view component, the viewer displays and rasterizes, handling numerous operations such as rendering, caching, high level zoom rendering, and layout modes. Viewing represents reading a document and displaying it as the author intended. Rasterization takes document data and converts it into pixels that come together to render on a display.






Get started

View a Document

To view a PDF document.


To convert between PDF page and screen coordinates.

Benefits / Features:

  • The C# .NET PDF Viewer offers the following benefits:
  • Interactive PDF viewing or rasterization
  • Full transparency support (transparency groups, soft masks, including all supported Blend Modes)
  • Core viewing operations (scrolling, panning, zooming, jumping to pages)
  • Standard and custom page viewing modes (e.g., single, facing, cover, scrolling, fit-page, fit-width, etc.)
  • Extensive support for PDF forms and digital signatures
  • Extensive annotation and real-time collaboration support
  • Regex text search across a page or an entire document
  • Manipulate pages (rotate, crop, move, copy/export, delete, merge documents)
  • View PDF separations
  • Easy navigation (with thumbnails, bookmarks, links, and history)
  • Selective viewing and hiding of contents in different layers (OCGs)
  • Security settings (custom encryption and DRM controls, dynamic watermarks)
  • PDF/A viewing mode
  • Support for R2L (Right to Left) languages (e.g., Arabic, Hebrew, etc)
  • Keyboard shortcuts

More Features

  • PDF Image Export (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and BMP)
  • Advanced image quality and compression settings controlling the rasterization process, allowing users to choose between the output image quality and rendering speed
  • Reflow
  • Night, sepia, and custom-color mode
  • ICC color management
  • Overprint control & preview
  • Display-list caching (speeds up viewing for complex documents)
  • Direct and serverless rendering support for PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, XPS, plain-text, mark-down, TIFF, and other image formats
  • PDF package support
  • Pressure-sensitive stylus support
  • Infinite undo/redo
  • Text to Speech Support
  • Font-substitution control

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